MX P90D totaled by Valet

Discussion in 'Model X' started by DSK, Dec 13, 2017.

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  1. DSK

    DSK New Member

    Next time you give your car to Valet, please keep this in mind :)

    It was not a good experience, but luckily the person walked out with just a single scratch on a lip. Definitely the safest SUV out there!

    RIP Panda

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  3. Wow! Was this yours?
  4. DSK

    DSK New Member

    Yes, the picture in my profile is now non-exsistant in real life... Its very much crumpled. But thats OK, I have a P100DL MX now :)
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  5. That pic with the broken wheel...what did he hit to cause all that damage and what speed? I 'm guessing valet mode wasn't activated.
    (Sorry, so many questions.)

    Broken X 2.jpg
  6. DSK

    DSK New Member

    Yes, valet mode was not active. According to the police, he confused the pedals going down the ramp and because the car kicked him back in acceleration, he ended up flooring it, hitting the wall at approximately 60mph. I have never seen wheels crack like this... Its crazy!
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  8. This may be closing the barn gate after the horse has bolted, but here's a little video on valet mode.

    After watching it, I realize it only seems to limit speed to 70 mph and probably wouldn't have prevented this. Thinking it should also use chill mode parameters too, or something.
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  9. 2cool4fuel

    2cool4fuel New Member

    Concrete wall ok? That's a big impact and no give in a concrete wall! Sorry to see your car end like that.
  10. peteybabes

    peteybabes New Member

    holy smokes! car almost identical to mine (other than interior color) sucks to see another X wiped out. :(

    see if you can bring the white cooled seats to your next car? :)
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  11. jim

    jim Active Member

    Our friend has his Tesla in Valet mode in Las Vegas. He got messages on his phone and it showed the car accelerating fast to 50 mph, then got shut down my Valet mode. It did this several times. He went to the parking manager and showed him the phone messages. The manager then fired the kid he had parking the cars. Lucky no damage was done.
    Valet mode and phone monitoring is great. I've never set this up on our 2012 S85 since we never use a Valet. Hmmm it could be handy for teenagers too. LOL
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