Musk needs to be immediately restored to Chairman and the SEC needs to be investigated.

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Sep 30, 2018.

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    You may think this is some sort of measure response to stabilize things but I see it as an attempt to scuttle a group (Tesla) that is bringing technology into the public consciousness that provides real if so far partial solutions to real existential threats. At the same time the Trump admin is taking the caps off methane dumping it is saying that we are stuck with 7 degree temp increases by 2100. It is essentially trying to foreclose on our options to further fraud and criminality.

    The last thing I can remember that smelled as fraudulent as this SEC investigation was the collapse of Building 7. Building 7 was a 600ft tall 16 year old concrete and glass building with fire suppression systems built to NY code that housed the SEC which supposedly collapsed because exterior deck chairs caught fire per NIST. Take a look the other tenants including the IRS, CIA and Rudy Guilani's office : There is nothing like building tenancy to give you a nexus. I think NISTs new theory is that it couldn't have been fraudulent criminal record destroying controlled demolition of the building because ordinary contractors don't use thermite. An arguments that is false on their face and stupid beyond comprehension- but note the smugness with which they are delivered in the official videos. Just like the Kavenaugh selection they undermine the credibility of the government almost the way a president who claims his own government is out to get him has defacto abdicated power apparently without comprehending what he is doing. Both these guys have been prosecuted in the court of public opinion OJ style but they are supposed to building blocks of state. Kavenaugh on the court seems as credible to me as OJ Simpson would be. Hope even if its a crisis like court packing or age limiting term limiting that the next exec demands immediate resignation of both of Ts appointees but then we have to roll back the power of the exec, senate and SC. Stuff is as transparent as the burning of the Reichstag- but after a while the public is feared out and there is a limit to the BS.

    Also on the day of Building 7's collapse a couple trillion in US dollars disappeared as did a bunch of records on pending criminal cases. On that day the BBC accidentally announced on live TV the collapse of the trade centers before they actually collapsed despite that being essentially impossible without controlled demolition. On that day something hit the Pentagon but the camera footage was missing. On that day the President was reading "my pet goat" on camera with facial expressions that were transparent to every other politician on the planet. And all of this was used to lie us into a preemptive war for petrol theft where preemptive war was/is the highest crime from the Nuremberg trials. Note the T. admin has been condemning the ICC. And just like then has been threatening the outing of officials just as with Valerie Plame and it actually released Scooter Libby who was involved in such outing- this is trying to hold the witness community hostage just like Bush felt entitled to punish actual whistle blowers- this is martial law BS- which apparently has been on the books under BS unitary exec theories since we failed to remove them at the time of the civil war- its dictator bs. Look also at Kavenaugh- know why almost all of his records are concealed- seems he was involved in the cover up of 911. But note that he is being investigated by T. on recent revelations probably to make sure he can be coerced with extra margin when the get out of jail card is needed by T. himself. Noticed how entitled Kavenaugh was in his melt down- like an anointed hereditary royalist ascending to hereditary position, and yet he stands for women being reduced to property and since your position male or female under these schemes devolves to the set of hips from which you emerged if they can reduce your mother to property they've reduced you to property.

    All this to protect the rent seeking enslaving power behind a long ago paid off group (for any actual contribution) of defunct crimes against humanity fugitive criminals who have nothing to offer the world but an obsolete product that they have to try to force people to buy at gun point or under full duress and with stolen elections. To justify this stuff you have to reach to stuff like William Cooper's aliens (note it was Naval Intelligence- his former employers offices that got hit on that day.) Despite all of this the T. admin may actually have been a slight delay of this agenda of more war to make useless obsolete petrol still look relevant or make its seem worth fighting for when it isn't.

    It is infuriating in the US that we don't have a mechanism to prosecute government bureaucrats and politicians that lie to the public even if they claim to be doing it to keep the peace and that it all reverts to totalitarian circular democracy destroying bs national security secrecy claims. Even if you can't handle the truth, if your government can lie to you, your security is a farce, a mere pretense to oppression and you have traded liberty for security and apparently deserve neither. We can keep saying reality is stranger than fiction or we can try to educate ourselves.
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