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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by AlAl, May 26, 2019.

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  1. AlAl

    AlAl Active Member

    TLDR; I am getting ~55mpg exclusively on gas. Here's my data: IMAG4294.jpg Screenshot_20190518-175114.png Screenshot_20190526-183516.png IMAG4293.jpg

    For the past week, I decided to run a test on the kind of efficiency I should expect out of my driving conditions. I commute 20mi each way from work, consisting of 10mi town roads and 10mi highway. My average speed likely falls around 40mph when the car is in motion. I started the meter with ~81% SOC, a full tank of gas, and toggled the HV every time I began my commute. The only form of restraint I chose to exercise was refraining from using the climate settings on cold mornings, until the ICE came up to operating temperature.

    Here are the figures:
    Total miles driven: 297.2mi
    EV SoC/mi delta: 29%/~20mi
    Total Gallons consumed: 5.06gal
    MPG after deducting SoC: 54.78MPG

    From what I gather, the trip computer is absolutely lousy at estimating fuel consumption; however, this car has totally exceeded my expectation with regards to its fuel sipping capabilities.

    Has anyone else here conducted similar tests? I'm curious if a flat battery would yield different results
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  3. Clarity_Newbie

    Clarity_Newbie Active Member


    Several threads on this issue in the past. I get similar HV mileage in the summer months for sure.

    Link to one such thread

    Hope this helps
  4. HagerHedgie

    HagerHedgie Member

    I have experienced similar mileage when driving at lower speeds. Its not unusual for me to drive 150 miles in a day on mostly country roads for work. On days when I haven’t started with a charge I’m usually around 55 mpg. It’s all aero. Double your speed and 8 x as much power is needed. I have a ‘13 Prius also and it’s not unusual to get 60+ mpgs if you can avoid both highways and city traffic.
  5. craze1cars

    craze1cars Well-Known Member

    Yes typical. Mpg meter on the car give you credit for 65 mpg, and you actually calculated 55 mpg, right? That’s about my experience. Though since I do a number of 75 mph plus interstate road trips with little regard for striving for max mpg my numbers are simply closer to 44 on the screen and maybe 37 when calculated manually. Slower speeds get much better as with any car. As stated it’s all about wind resistance...
  6. HagerHedgie

    HagerHedgie Member

    Usually not quite that big a difference. Maybe 10%. The Prius computer is a little closer than the clarity. It’s across the whole industry they do this. Not sure why. The Speedo is really close. Within 1-2%.
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