mpg and mpc in real world

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by ace base, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. ace base

    ace base Member

    I wanted to figure out mpg for my driving, but a cost based calculation is more accurate due to different way Clarity can be powered. So we did our first gas fill after 19 days of purchase, unlike many others on this forum, our electric charging is mostly opportunistic due to expensive electricity rates.

    Here is the calculation
    Home : 48c per kWH * 45kWH used (approx) = $21.6 Yikes, I knew this before purchase
    Work : 15c per kWH * 69.34kWH used = $10.4
    Gas : $3.8 per gallon * 5.1 gallons filled = $19.38
    Total cost = $51.38 = $21.6 (home charging) + $10.4 (work charging) + $29.78 (gas)
    Total miles driven for first fill up = 550
    Cost per mile = $51.38/550 = 9.3c per mile
    MPG = 40.74 (Reverse the above calculation, $51.38/3.8 per gallon = 13.5 gallons of gas can be purchased. That will give us 550 miles driven/13.5 gallons = 40.74 mpg)

    If we purely drove in hybrid using gas which claims 42mpg (combined) on label, we'll get $3.8 per gallon /42 miles = 9c per mile.

    Unlike many others on this forum we are getting less than 40 mpg, probably due to hilly region in San Diego, CA and we go up and down all the time and mostly abrupt stop and go traffic with speeds upto 75 mph on highways, its also been hot so the AC is on most of the time.
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  3. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    In San Diego you can get a Electric Vehicle Time-of Use Plan, charge your car between Midnight - 6:00 AM and get a rate of 23c per kWH. In some areas of the country where power rates are very high, if your main concern with a car is costs, it makes more sense to drive a hybrid.
  4. ace base

    ace base Member

    Yup, I know about TOU plans, and yes cost is a concern. At this time, the tiered cost is better for me currently, unless I start charging the car at home. Clarity is a fine hybrid car, so that should work out fine.
  5. Atul Thakkar

    Atul Thakkar Active Member

    We pay 0.05c per kwh in Canada from 7pm to 7am,so off pick charge cost 1.26 per full charge of 50 miles per day.
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  6. ZedFez

    ZedFez Member

    About same here in Minnesota (and luck of a specific area of the state) 4.4 cents kWh 11pm to 7am. Sure seems like one of the best deals around by what others are reporting.
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  8. Akinto

    Akinto Member

    And Canadian costs need to be multiplied by the exchange rate. So it’s even cheaper.

    We just tossed our government in Ontario because the new guy said he could provide electricity for less than $0.15/kWh during peak hours and &0.07/kWh after 7pm.
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  9. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Minnesota gets more of its electricity from coal than any other source and Ontario is beginning to move backwards on clean energy. Low rates and bad policies seem to go hand in hand across North America.
  10. Timothy

    Timothy Active Member

    I think your math is off. A full charge will be a little over 14 kWh (let's even call it 15). so at 5¢ per kWh, that should be just 75¢ per 50 miles. Nice for you.
  11. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    5¢ Canadian is only 3.8¢ American.
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  13. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    In Los Angeles, there is a ChargePoint station in Century City that costs .95 per hour. Assuming a completely depleted battery, it would cost .95 x 2.5 to charge the battery. That is $2.38. Again assuming 47 miles per charge, that is .05 per mile. Gas is the Los Angeles area is about 3.40 per gallon. At 42 mpg, that is .08 per mile. Case closed. EV is cheaper per mile than ICE.
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  14. JCEV

    JCEV Active Member

    The difference is even greater when you realize we pay over $5 cdn per gallon of gas vs cheap u.s. gas prices. I am literally going to save $2000 a year vs my 17L per 100 SUV in the city.
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  15. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    I am sure our home charger costs even less. Probably about $1.50 U.S. for 50 miles. About 3 cents per mile.
  16. V8Power

    V8Power Active Member

    Our local power company Alectra in Ontario, Canada is testing out an overnight plan for EV owners that charges $0.02 /kWh Canadian (not including surcharges and taxes) between midnight and 7am. I hope they roll that out!!

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  17. bobcubsfan

    bobcubsfan Active Member

    We have a multi-use meter, but since we have solar, it is redundant.
  18. Atul Thakkar

    Atul Thakkar Active Member

    When I said 5C it was converted from C$ to US $ , Canadian price was 6.5C

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