Motor and cooling pump problems at 5k miles

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Michael Milch, Jul 20, 2019.

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  1. Michael Milch

    Michael Milch New Member

    205984F6-CA0D-44D6-B332-84C5347A9DFB.jpeg B1EDAE63-CA19-4F93-8653-709622C7DFBC.jpeg 9FF48B65-C5F8-49F6-965F-2CFCC79F3F96.jpeg 03DD48C7-C573-4D81-9189-0A120B810C99.png 205984F6-CA0D-44D6-B332-84C5347A9DFB.jpeg I got my Kona EV in March and it has about 5k miles on it. As I was driving today, though, I got an error saying to check the EV system. A message came on screen saying “A possible condition has occurred with your vehicle. A full system check is recommended TODAY.”

    When I got home, I busted out an OBD reader and got these two codes: P0C17 and P0C73.

    The first code reads “Drive Motor A Position Sensor Not Learned”

    The other reads “Motor Electronics Coolant Pump A Control Performance”

    Anyone experience these before?

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  3. Sadly that doesn't look like easy fix. I am curious if your Kona is still driveable because by the description it looks like a sensor or board on the DC to AC inverter is giving up the ghost. If that is the case you should be dead in the water. Based on the zero google foo results for similar problems I suspect you may very be Hyundai's first inverter/drive unit failure in the wild. I hope they sort you out quickly, keep us updated.
  4. Michael Milch

    Michael Milch New Member

    That was my fear. I have an appointment with the dealership tomorrow morning. I’ll let you know what they say.
  5. Michael Milch

    Michael Milch New Member

    Oh, and yes, the car is driveable still, or at least seems to be (I haven’t pushed it much). On a related note, the warnings the car gave me were much more dire than what was recorded by BlueLink. The (very nice!) people at BlueLink couldn’t even see the error the first time I called. When I did, they weren’t able to tell me the error codes; I got those myself with an OBD scanner.
  6. I am curious how things turned out?
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  8. There was one case on FB of a new Kona EV suffering a coolant pump-related failure on the drive home from dealer. The coolant got into some electrics and caused error codes. It sounded like a hose clip was not installed correctly.
  9. Hopefully its a one off, hate to have that happen!
  10. I do 1000 mile 2020 Kona EV Ultimate OBD USA shows Code P0C17 only I tried clear is coming back .I'm going to the dealer to get .I will post a result .JG
  11. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    [Hmmm, old thread but still relevant...]

    I discussed P0C17 in this thread a while back. It comes up on many generic
    scantools, but apparently not Hyundai's GDS thing so the dealer techs denied that
    was any sort of notable problem. It seems to be a red herring for the most part,
    *unless* perhaps you've had a motor replacement.

    The coolant pumps are a different story, there's a recall on certain vintages
    of those. You can probably drive *very* gently to your dealer and get that
    work done.

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  13. thanks

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