More Subaru Solterra images teased out

Discussion in 'Solterra' started by Domenick, Sep 1, 2021.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    If it wasn't pretty obvious that the Subaru Solterra was a Toyota BZ4X by another name, then new images should do the trick to convince you. The pics in question showed up on the Subaru website and show the profile of the vehicle (though upside down inside a water droplet - pic below), a shot of one of the front headlight assembly and an interior shot at night.

    I've enhanced the water droplet shot with Photoshop, inverted, and cropped it so you can get a better look.

    Opinions? I think this may look slightly better than the Toyota and wonder what, if any, other differences there will be.






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  4. papab

    papab Member

    It would have more utility if the back was squarer. Real SUV is what is missing in the BEV market.
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  5. I think it is more of a CUV crossover type vehicle, and that back side seems to be the popular style these days across many brands. What I am looking for is high clearance for off-road capability similar to the Crosstrek which I own now.
  6. This new one shows above average ground clearance (see @ 0.17)
    waiting for official specs
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