More range and new tires for March production

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Rover, Feb 20, 2020.

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  1. Rover

    Rover New Member

    Details to follow
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  3. Rover

    Rover New Member

    The information comes from Hyundai Norway:

    With a range of over 480 km *, app control, faster home charging and fast charging in under an hour **, Kona Electric is a perfect electric car for both long and short trips. Kona Electric also offers a comprehensive equipment package, including navigation, premium KRELL sound systems and a complete safety package.

    * The scope is based on WLTP applies to Kona Electric manufactured from March 2020, factory supplied with new Michelin Primacy 4 tires.
    Previous models have the WLTP range stated at 449 km. The range may vary depending on the ground, your driving style and temperature.
    ** 0-80 percent charge in 54 minutes on a 100 kW charging station.
  4. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    Thanks for posting this. For us metric illiterates that's about 300 mile range, already a big improvement over the 2019's 248 mile range. I'm glad I lease, I'm anxious to see what's there when I return the car in 2022.
  5. NRH

    NRH Active Member

    Those are the same specs posted in this 2018 article.
    "While in the US, Hyundai has been touting 250 EPA miles, the press release states that the Kona is supposed to get 482 kilometers (WLTP) of range which equates to just under 300 miles."
    "The Kona takes [DC charging] a step further to 70kW. That equates to a 0-80% charge in 54 minutes."

    I don't think it's an improvement, it's just that Norway has a different standard for evaluating the range.
  6. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    What did they do for the improvement in the range / miles? Different Batteries? When I picked up and did my initial charge, I had 290 miles ! But I don't charge to 100% now and regularly achieve 228 Miles on a 80% Charge.
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  8. SkookumPete

    SkookumPete Well-Known Member

  9. Have they changed from the Nexens? Would the difference in rolling resistance account for the difference in range?
  10. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    eNiro has Primacy 215/55R/17,same Nexen. Haven't driven one on these tires,but eNiro owners I've spoken with say they don't slip. I haven't had issues with slipping under spirited acceleration on dry pavement running Kuhmo ecsta PA51,96W, 235/50/17. Range impact,zero.range,when I first picked up my 2019,100% was 509km/316miles. Outside of winter driving,I think my Kona electric has averaged about 480km/298miles mixed use.The efficiency is surprisingly consistent even with my preference for speed.
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  11. The Kona Electric getting a range-rating boosted to 484 km (301 miles) WLTP. In Norway, at least.

    I went through a bunch of Hyundai's European country sites and the Norwegian one is the only one that shows this number. As the linked article states, it's at least in part (and possibly all) due to the switch to Michelin Primacy 4 tires.

    So, this leads me to wonder if any owners out there happen to have switched to these tires and if they've seen an increase in range. Or, if some other tire switch has led to an increase.

    There is some speculation that this could be in part to improved batteries or efficiency gains elsewhere. I think if that were the case, the change would be more widely noted by Hyundai. Range is a huge selling point and if I was selling a car and its range was improved, I sure would be letting the world know.
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  13. hieronymous

    hieronymous Active Member

    If there had been a better tyre for range Hyundai would have used it in the first place. There is no tyre group test that makes that sort of claim about Primacy 4’s. No conclusions can be drawn without seeing the full specs. A range increase could come entirely from easing the acceleration with a “taller” final drive ratio - back in the day they called it ‘overdrive’.
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  14. The Kona already has a 4% higher reduction ratio than the e-Niro yet the WLTP ranges are nearly identical with the same size battery.
    Also, this graph of the (similarly permanent-magnet) Leaf motor efficiency indicates minimal change related directly to RPM, particularly at the mid range, which is about highway speeds.
    Certainly the many peculiarities of ICE efficiencies can be well-exploited in those vehicles but there are less opportunities in an EV, although Porsche seems to have missed out on more than anyone.

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  15. mikeselectricstuff

    mikeselectricstuff Active Member

    Not necessarily - cost would also have been a factor
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  16. hieronymous

    hieronymous Active Member

    Likely so would marketing have been, but though Tesla is on custom Michelins, Hyundai didn't go there...
    Nor is there much difference in retail pricing between the Nexen and Michelin alternatives, the former are also sold as premium, high performance tyres.
  17. hieronymous

    hieronymous Active Member

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  19. Hopefully, there will be something current owners can do to their vehicles to get a boost also. I wonder how many owners would be interested in buying a product for this extra range, if that's something that could actually be done.
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  20. If it could be accomplished using some after market materials I would be happier than buying a replacement piece as my inventory of "not required" parts are starting to occupy too much space :eek::
  21. Hopefully someone will do a comparison between the new Michelins and the original ones. And post photos of the undercarriages of both models. 8% is a huge difference.

    I wonder if they modified the air dam under the nose. On the Volt, the air dam is so low it's notorious for scraping at driveway exits. And it's that way for a good reason.
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  22. Tim94549

    Tim94549 Active Member

    Yea, me too ! We JUST bought the 2020 (end of December 2019) and feel a bit "taken" by this immediate UPGRADE to the Vehicle. They SHOULD provide this Upgrade for FREE for vehicles purchased in last few months !! Anyone know the right place to plead our case?
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  23. Isn't this upgrade just for the European version?
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