More "fake" articles about Tesla quality

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Nov 29, 2017.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Irony, model S and X quality is at least reasonable and up by all measures. But now note in an even more automated factory situation there are supposed to be more errors due to glitches from speed.

    1. Tesla slowed to prevent that on Model 3.

    2. Its a more automated set up so its robots that have a problem with speed or petrol and a union confused about where its interests lie?

    3. Check the sources of this fake news, two crap rags, news week and WSJ.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Oh forgot, Reuters more of the same.

    But basically these are pure BS articles refuted like the Consumer Afairs negative stuff by customer evalutions and loyalty where Tesla dominates the entire industry.
    Designed to cause people to think firm is releasing broken product. Aside from Toyota and Honda the bar isn't that high.

    And lets talk about which workers would be upset and telling those false stories.
    This is exactly why you'd want less workers in the plant than in Intel's most advanced fab. Really you'd want the robots working in a vacuum at overcome wind resistance speed where practical. That's zero workers with robots fixing the robots.

    Will get like a video game where you push a button and autonomous robots go build the factory in the desert.
  4. Please link to the articles you are discussing. We can't really discuss your points if we don't know what you're talking about.

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