More bZ4X details and pics released

Discussion in 'bZ4X' started by R P, Oct 29, 2021.

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  2. Inertiaman

    Inertiaman New Member

    7.7s 0-60 w/ AWD? Yeah, that’s a hard pass.

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  3. Reducing the power output of the drive motors from 150 kW (FWD) to 80 kW each (AWD) is a smart idea. Reducing the consumption keeps them close in actual range.
    I wonder if the bi-directional charging is exclusive to the Japanese models (no doubt CHAdeMO versions due to existing infrastructure) or if it will have capability for the N.A. market which of course is CCS standard. I recall to utilize Leaf V2G a wall unit was required, competition with other manufactures (ie : Hyundai) should provide Toyota with the incentive to supply a stand alone system.
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  4. Inertiaman

    Inertiaman New Member

    I take your point and I realize that not everyone is focused on performance. But it seems like it should have significantly better range if the off-the-line performance is reduced. 286 miles is decent but also equivalent to, or even lower than, other AWD EVs with significantly more power output (ID.4, Mach E).

    So maybe this means the bZ4X will come in cheaper than the lower priced EVs on the market now, or right around the corner? That would make a compelling argument for buyers, one that has always been around in the ICE market - price vs. performance. Time will tell I guess.

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  5. I think their battery retention target of 90%, 240K kms after 10 years is bold. I haven't heard any other manufacturer say that. And if it only loses another 10% in 20 years, that would really be impressive.
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  7. D Lab

    D Lab New Member

    I wonder if the warranty on battery/electric drive system is 10k miles and 10 years. I haven't researched battery retention and assumed my Rav4Prime would take a good charge at that age/mile warranty. I love the range on these newer cars, my car is great around town to avoid high gas prices in Cal, but I was leery of full electric on a long trip. Now it's more feasible than the early electrics. We are mandated full electric by 2030, so this may be an option, I love Toyota, 20 years on a Camry and my Rav is a joy to drive. Gotta make it up the coast to B.C. sometime, beautiful up there. I haven't posted in awhile but noticed a year ago that you Canadians are really into electrics. Best of luck.
  8. Another bZ4X review, this one esp positive.
  9. miimura

    miimura New Member

    ...and one that's not so positive.
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  12. Correction:
    Summary from the video: Toyota 10 to 80 % : 58 minutes (For Hyundai Ioniq 5/ Kia EV6: 18 mins in ideal condition. 32 mins is very cold condition) (For Volkswagen ID.4: 34 mins in ideal condition. 38 mins in very cold condition) Toyota 10 to 90 % : 88 minutes Toyota 0 to 80 % : 62 minutes Toyota 0 to 90 % : 92 minutes

    While Kyle's test result was BAD, not sure if it was totally relevant. First of all on a trip, you don't charge past 80%, unless you have lots of time on your hands, and that goes for any EV. The most relevant test for road tripping is 10-80%. And you will get the best results if the car was driven hard on the freeway just before, and the outside temp is 75-80F. That was not the case in this test.

    Other unknowns are the battery condition itself. When was it last fully charged to 100%, on an overnight L2 charger, allowing the cells to be fully balanced? Cell balancing takes a while, and maybe that is what was happening when this test neared 100%. And was the battery abused at any time? IE was it ever left for an extended period of time below 10% or at 100%. It was a demo car, and who knows what others have done to it.

    Or it could just be that Toyota is being super conservative with their charging curve to protect the longevity of their battery. After all they did advertise 90% capacity at 10 years. And this is their first BEV, so don't want any risk to their reliability reputation with this new car.

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