More bZ4X details and pics released

Discussion in 'bZ4X' started by R P, Oct 29, 2021.

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  2. Inertiaman

    Inertiaman New Member

    7.7s 0-60 w/ AWD? Yeah, that’s a hard pass.

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  3. Reducing the power output of the drive motors from 150 kW (FWD) to 80 kW each (AWD) is a smart idea. Reducing the consumption keeps them close in actual range.
    I wonder if the bi-directional charging is exclusive to the Japanese models (no doubt CHAdeMO versions due to existing infrastructure) or if it will have capability for the N.A. market which of course is CCS standard. I recall to utilize Leaf V2G a wall unit was required, competition with other manufactures (ie : Hyundai) should provide Toyota with the incentive to supply a stand alone system.
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  4. Inertiaman

    Inertiaman New Member

    I take your point and I realize that not everyone is focused on performance. But it seems like it should have significantly better range if the off-the-line performance is reduced. 286 miles is decent but also equivalent to, or even lower than, other AWD EVs with significantly more power output (ID.4, Mach E).

    So maybe this means the bZ4X will come in cheaper than the lower priced EVs on the market now, or right around the corner? That would make a compelling argument for buyers, one that has always been around in the ICE market - price vs. performance. Time will tell I guess.

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  5. I think their battery retention target of 90%, 240K kms after 10 years is bold. I haven't heard any other manufacturer say that. And if it only loses another 10% in 20 years, that would really be impressive.
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