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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by Danks, Feb 1, 2019.

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    [​IMG] When the sun hits your car, the green really pops. When it's cloudy or dark, the car looks almost black. You can also see why some might think there's some blue hints in there, too. Though my suspicion is that it's partially the sky reflection. I was looking for the crimson model when we were in the market at the end of last year, but there weren't any - or any on order. Plenty of black, silver, and white. And of course, this green one. As some have mentioned, too, it's not easy to keep looking good, but I have the time to take care of it - generally it needs to be washed a few times a week to keep it from looking dusty. The recent rains have helped keep things clean though!
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  2. MPower

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    Don't worry about missing out on the red color. It's what I have and it's a dirt magnet. I am sure the green is no worse. Sssshh, don't tell my Clarity, but I wish I had bought the green. (I did not realize that the red would be so dark.) Lucky I don't wash cars ever no matter what color they are (or how dirty).
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    u wouldnt notice any difference between this and black. I have it
  4. MNSteve

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    This time of year, when my car is so dirty that it could be almost any color under the grime, I tend to agree. But I am looking forward to days when that's not the case, and I do like the color when I can keep the car a bit cleaner.
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    You are right on all points! My local Honda dealer finally mentioned the Clarity in an email ad last month, but even then "Clarity" was misspelled by the dealer as "Clairty". I'll bet they never spell "Accord" as "Acord" in their ads.

    P.S. My grandfather, who lived in your state for many years, said that the license plates on the Giant Pickup Trucks and American Land Boats you mention should really say, "10,000 Lakes and 12 Fish."
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    Wow. Just wow. This says it all about the local dealers and how they support the car.
  7. Ashleigh Day

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    We came to the dealership to buy the car in white (boring) after seeing the red in person and deciding it was too dark. The green didn't look appealing on the website and was at the bottom of the color choices for us.

    The green was in the middle of the dealer lot on display (half cloudy half sunny day) and caught both of our attention, it was striking. We were drawn to it and bought it. We've really liked the color in all lighting every day since buying, it is a unique green. As others have stated, it looks black in late evening or low light.
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  8. 4sallypat

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    Yes, this was the same reason I got the green - at first we were looking for the modern steel metallic but when we saw the green driven past us, I was hooked - a true chameleon because it turned from a classy British Range Rover green to black when the sun was setting.

    Plus it's a color that is not available with other Honda models - super unique color and model - love my Moonlit Forest Green Clarity!
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  9. Claire Green

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    I've always been partial to silver or white and only had one black car after which I told myself never again because of the difficulty of keeping it clean looking. But after seeing the Moonlit forest green in the dealer lot there was no other color choice and I wouldn't have bought one if there was none available. Luckily the dealer had one in stock so that made the purchase so much easier because I would have scoured the other dealerships for the green one.
  10. larrenz

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    The Moonlit Forest Green looks unique though I prefer silver so that dust is not too visible.
  11. MGT

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    Moonlit Forest Green was our second choice, after white. My husband thinks white reflects the heat, which is a concern here in southern California, so we opted for white for that reason (and because it was the only remaining Clarity at the dealership we patronized).

    So, yesterday, I figured out how to switch between HV and EV, while driving. Wisdom holds that EV is best for stop-and-go city driving, while HV is more efficient for higher highway speeds (and to preserve battery charge). When entering the freeway, I would press the HV button and the car would immediately display the HV icon and the ICE would kick in. The challenge was, when I would exit the freeway and press ECON, the icon for HV would remain displayed and I could still hear and feel the ICE. The blue EV line would not appear on the dash display. So, I would actually pull over, park, shut the car off, and re-start, to get it back into EV.

    I scoured the owner's manual and forums for advice on how to switch from HV to EV but only found posts advising people to press ECON and patiently wait for the vehicle to make the switch. That didn't work. Purely by accident, I suddenly noticed yesterday that, when I pressed ECON, I could see the words "ECON" flash on the dash. Then I pressed "HV" and lo and behold, same thing. If I pressed HV once, it would activate. If I pressed it again, it would switch off. Bottom line: to switch from HV to EV while driving, first press the HV button once, quickly. This should immediately put the vehicle back in EV mode. Press ECON for good measure, if it's not already activated.
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    The way I switch from HV to EV is to press the HV button once.
    The display will say HV off.
    Then it goes to EV after that.
    No need to restart the car.
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  13. MGT

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    Yes, exactly. But it took us weeks to realize this. Duh.
  14. insightman

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    You cannot actually select EV mode. Press the ECON button to activate ECON Mode, which keeps the Clarity in EV Drive more easily than NORMAL Mode or SPORT Mode. In ECON Mode, the accelerator pedal "click" separates EV Drive (battery-only) from Hybrid Drive (battery + engine). The Clarity will stay in ECON Mode when you restart the car.

    Pressing the ECON button a second time turns off the ECON icon and puts the Clarity in NORMAL Mode. NORMAL Mode remaps the accelerator pedal response to provide more acceleration than ECON Mode at the same accelerator pedal position. In NORMAL Mode, the engine will kick in before you reach the click in the accelerator pedal. The Clarity will stay in NORMAL Mode when you restart the car.

    Press the SPORT button to select SPORT Mode. SPORT Mode not only remaps the accelerator pedal to be its most responsive, it also retains the Deceleration Paddle selections until you change them. The engine will start even earlier in the accelerator pedal's travel than in NORMAL Mode. The Clarity will switch to NORMAL Mode when you restart the car or when you press the SPORT button a second time.

    Warning: SPORT Mode is addictive and leads to other bad habits like smoking and drinking. I stay strictly in ECON Mode around town and add HV Mode for expressway travel.

    You can accelerate as quickly in ECON Mode and NORMAL Mode as in SPORT Mode, but you have to press the accelerator pedal further in those more moderate modes. When the accelerator pedal is floored, you're getting the full 181 horsepower of the electric traction motor (powered by both the battery and the engine-powered generator) in any of the three modes.

    HV Mode is sort of a super mode that works with the three modes just discussed. The Owners Manual doesn't use the word "Mode" with HV, but it's a mode in my opinion. HV Mode is where Honda's computers work their hardest to maximize the car's overall efficiency. In HV Mode, the Clarity's computers can select from EV Drive (battery only), Hybrid Drive (engine + battery), and Engine Drive (engine + battery with the engine connected through a clutch to the single-speed transmission at highway speeds only). A very tiny gear appears between the wheels on the Energy Flow display when Engine Drive is active. Engine Drive must be very efficient or Honda would not have included so much extra hardware implement it.

    For some Clarity drivers, HV Mode retains the battery charge at the level it displayed when the HV Mode button was pressed. For others, like me, the battery charge slowly decreases as I drive in HV Mode. It doesn't bother me much, but I wonder why the Clarity doesn't steal a little engine power as needed to maintain the charge when it dips.

    When you fully deplete the battery of its charge (two bars will still appear in the battery charge gauge), the Clarity switches to HV Mode but does not display the HV icon on the dash. I guess Honda doesn't display the HV icon in this situation because they don't want you to think you can turn off HV Mode by pressing the HV button.

    HV CHARGE Mode is the least-efficient mode you can select, it's primarily for building up a charge for the next mountain climb after you used up all your charge earlier. The Clarity is much more pleasant to drive up an incline when you have some battery charge available to help out the anemic 103-hp engine.

    If you haven't ordered and received your free Owners Manual from Honda, you can download the PDF version and read much, much more information than is available in the Owners Guide that comes with the car. The PDF version is worth having just because it's easier to search than the printed Owners Manual.
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  15. SteveinSD

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    I went with Green, but my second choice was white, mainly because I thought it looked like a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.
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  17. MGT

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    This is very helpful, thanks for posting it. I've printed it out for reference.
  18. MGT

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    0FFF3B14-07DC-4675-AC29-6FAC02649294.jpeg Here’s the maximum we’ve charged our Clarity.
  19. 4sallypat

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    Good news!
    It's only going to get better range as the days turn into summer.
    I can see lots more EV range miles as the days turn longer due to:
    • less headlight drain,
    • less seat heater use,
    • less cabin heating,
    • warmer temps & better battery capacity
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    6651341E-1D67-47E5-B7DD-777E745E361C.jpeg Driving the Clarity is amazingly luxurious, especially given the condition of the greater Los Angeles area roads and freeways, which are replete with potholes, patches, uneven expansion joints, etc. The Clarity ride is very smooth and cushioned.

    My husband is going to drive our Civic most of the time. The Civic is amazingly fuel efficient and reliable. It’s achieved 40 mpg combined for the entire 50K miles we’ve driven it.

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