Month of production by VIN

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Alex7xl, May 5, 2021.

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  1. Alex7xl

    Alex7xl New Member

    Hello everyone.

    My Kona from the Korean internal market has VIN kmhk381gflu100221
    It's a 2020 Kona Electric.
    I can't decode VIN number to find out the exact month of production.
    I'd like to know if my car is under battery recall or not.
    Does anybody know how to check my VIN? I could not find any VIN decoder that decodes my VIN.

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  3. Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Active Member

    Affected VIN's Kona EV (OS EV): From KMHK381GUJU000203 To KMHK581GULU072444
    The VIN shows year of manufacture only (Position10) where J = 2018. K=2019, L=2020, and M=2021

    Yours is well after 072444

    Your dealer should be able to confirm this for you!

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  4. Alex7xl

    Alex7xl New Member

    Thank you John!
  5. Pobre

    Pobre Member

    mine says KU030237, is this number worldwide?, I have been wondering how many Kona EV's were Sold here in US alone.
  6. Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Active Member

    And mines KU036530 and I'm in the UK. VIN positions 12 to 17 represent the unique serial number. VIN starting KMHK decodes as built in South Korea, ULSAN plant.

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  8. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    My kona shows a K, but it was built in Dec 2018.
  9. Anaglypta

    Anaglypta Active Member

    How do you know it was built in December 2018?

    If the tenth character in the VIN is a K it was built in 2019. (Note if you're reading the date off the label on the battery, that's when MOBIS built the battery system assembly).

  10. Mine was built in December 2018 and has a K at tenth position in my VIN.
  11. Alex7xl

    Alex7xl New Member

    Letter K means 2019 model year.
    Physically it is produced in December 2018.
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  13. KonaTom

    KonaTom Well-Known Member

    the built date is right on the door panel, and I know it was dec 2018 because I took delivery in late January 2019
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