Model 3 vs Bolt - investors view

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Rex B, Jan 23, 2019.

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  1. Rex B

    Rex B New Member

    Unusual to see a decent technical article from an investor.
    Focus on the cooling system. Worth the read.

    Tesla's valuation compared to that of legacy carmakers suggests this is a very special company.

    If other carmakers can build electric cars and have access to the same technology and suppliers as Tesla, what makes Tesla different?

    An interview with Sandy Munro and a look at Bolt cooling and electrical systems illustrate some of what makes Tesla both different and special.

    Tesla's differences with respect to legacy carmakers are durable and form a powerful moat against competition.
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  3. Jimmy Truong

    Jimmy Truong Member

    I don’t even put this in a discussion. It’s like comparing an expensive Honda Accord with BMW 3 Series!
    Let’s say if the $35k Tesla Model 3 is real, I add a $5k Premium package. Now can anyone beat me with similar configuration on Bolt? Impossible!

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  4. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I agree with Jimmy but wanted to offer:
    • Chevy Bolt - Chevy specified the power electronics to Korean firm, LG Chem, and production started.
    • Hyundai Kona - copied the power specs from the Bolt but put it in a nicer body
    • Kia Niro - copied the power specs from the Bolt but put it in another nicer body
    In effect, GM paid the Koreans to design and deliver the EV power system for the Bolt. Then the Korean manufacturers copied and refined it to make their EV cars. But their specs are all but identical.

    Bob Wilson
  5. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Following his extensive teardown analyses of the BMW i3, the Chevy Bolt EV, and the Tesla Model 3, Sandy completely blew up the argument that Tesla doesn't actually have any tech that's better than anybody else's. I guessed that Tesla was about 5 years ahead of other auto makers in the EV powertrain tech, but Sandy points out other ways in which the Model 3 represents a substantial leap forward in integrating various systems in the car into a cohesive whole, to reduce the number of parts and thus save costs. In particular, Sandy raved about the Model 3's heat exchanger. He says other cars would have had 3 exchangers where the Model 3 uses just one!

    Sandy had a lot to say about the cutting edge improvements in the Model 3 motor, too. Improvements which give it lower cost, lower weight, and better efficiency than those in the i3 and the Bolt EV.

    To be fair, Sandy is pretty disgusted with what he thinks is Tesla's inferior car bodies and the lack of quality control in building those. (Tesla reportedly made substantial improvements to the quality control last year, but they need to do more.) But for everything other than the car body itself, Sandy now says he has become a full-fledged Tesla fanboy. Talk about a "Road to Damascus" conversion experience!

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