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    Tesla is trying to deliver thousands of Model 3 in Europe and after a difficult start, it is now ramping up deliveries in the old continent and CEO Elon Musk is there to oversee the operations.

    As we reported earlier this week, Tesla received its first massive shipment of Model 3 vehicles at the Zeebrugge port for European deliveries, which started a day later.
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    The automaker wants the port to be able to handle 3,000 Model 3 vehicles per week at the location, which is a tall order.
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    Norway’s EV sales are about to skyrocket to a new high with the arrival of the Model 3, which should put even more pressure on Tesla’s operations in the country.

    The first boat to arrive in Europe didn’t have many cars for the market, but there are 3 more at sea and they are expected to have thousands of Model 3 vehicles for Norway.

    I wonder if InSideEVs has a method for tracking EU, UK, and Asian deliveries?

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    No need. All tracked by govt sites in Europe. Very accurate. Compare to US, that tries to hide these simple data for speculators to play with.

    BTW, remember the story 2 days ago on an excited Fred getting the first Model 3? Turns out, he is also a scalper. As I was saying in the other thread, who knows how many of the reservations are put in by flippers.
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