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Discussion in 'Model 3' started by Pushmi-Pullyu, Jul 26, 2018.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for random reports from ordinary Model 3 car owners.

    The following was posted today in a comment thread about an IEVs news article. I reproduce it here complete, with no editing:

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    TM3x2 Chris

    So far the ownership experience has been flawless, no issues whatsoever. Took me a day to get used to the single center display, took another day or so to get used to various controls available in the display.

    Love the driver profile settings, it’s easy to configure and the display clearly shows whose settings are in effect. Such a difference from BMWs I used to own – it’s easy to configure the driver profile, but another person using the car can easily mess it up without even realizing it.

    Love the fact that there are no car keys or car fobs to worry about. A simple phone app handles unlocking, locking, and a host of other car controls.

    One minor issue that’s somewhat annoying is the charging handle lock. The car locks it automatically and then one needs to use the phone app to unlock it. Sounds simple, but the phone app takes about 30-40 seconds to “wake up” the car before any controls can be used. It’s especially inconvenient in one own’s garage as it requires the unnecessary wait for the charging handle to disengage. I hope this will be eventually addressed by Tesla over-the-air update by installing some new user interface.

    Other than that the Tesla is great!

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  3. The time delay to wake up the car seems to be related to the phone being used. There have been many reports that Android phones are having a lot of problems with their bluetooth software and the Model 3. Some people have found that pressing airport mode on and then off resets the bluetooth and helps with this issue.

    My iPhone SE (yes almost three years old) has no issues with this. I press the charge door and it opens within two seconds or less.

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