Model 3 onboard charger info:

Discussion in 'Model 3' started by William Holmes, Apr 6, 2018.

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  1. William Holmes

    William Holmes New Member

    I just picked up my new Model 3 in San Diego county. I love it!
    As others have said the options for delivery now (April 2018) are limited to:
    Base price $35,000 but you must also purchase:
    Long range battery (310 mile range) +$9,000 (also adds ~275 lbs to the curb weight)
    Upgraded interior (it's very nice) +$5,000 (lot's of nice extras like upgraded audio sys)
    delivery charge Approx +$1,000 (San Diego, CA)
    plus sales tax Approx +$4,500 (CA 9%)
    I also purchased:
    White pearl paint +$1,000 (beautiful)
    19" wheels +$1,500 (really cool) (note that the Aero wheels add ~5% more range)
    auto steer +$5,000 (pay attention on curves)

    The included on board AC charger has a Max charge rate of 48 amps like the late model s.
    The included mobile charge cable can be plugged into a 240VAC 14-50 socket but the cable itself is limited to 32 amps max (20mi/hr charge rate) (40 amp breakerX.80= 32 amps)
    To take advantage of the higher 48 amp on board charge rate you will need to purchase the home wall mounted charger. ($500) from Tesla.

    You will then need a supply circuit with a 60 amp breaker (60 amp X .80 = 48 amps max by code).
    Don't waste money on a larger breaker because while the home charger can provide up to 80 amps to a model s with dual chargers the model 3 is limited to 48 amps max. (30 mi/hr charge rate). This is the fastest way to charge a model 3 at home. (really fast)!
    Note that Tesla Superchargers charge a lot faster because they are DC to DC and bypass the onboard AC charger.
    FYI: the onboard AC charger converts your home AC to DC internally to charge the DC battery.
    Cautionary note: Don't make a habit of charging you battery totally full. This will reduce battery life and limit the ability to do regenerative braking. Tesla recommends that you use 90% as the charge limit. (310 mi range X .90= 279 miles)
    Hope this helps............ Bill
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  3. Rob R

    Rob R New Member

    Others recommend 80%, and sometimes even 70% for normal use day to day, while 100% immediately before a long trip is fine. Better to charge in the morning before you set out rather than the night before, if charging right up.

    No one seems quite sure how much difference all this makes, but probably some!
  4. Another option is to purchase a gen 1 mobile connector. I got one on eBay for a good price. It should reach 40A for charging the Model 3. I hear it can run hot, so I will be monitoring mine.

    After installing the NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage and setting up the MC, I'm ready for my car.

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