Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is coming. Before Winter. *Edit: By Spring!

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by Domenick, Oct 5, 2017.

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  1. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    I've seen a lot of discussion on this point, but no authoritative conclusion. My take on it, based on incomplete evidence -- that is, my somewhat speculative opinion rather than fact -- is that Mitsubishi had limited battery cell availability, and so could not supply every market. Since the U.S. market has higher safety standards, that means Mitsu almost certainly had to make some changes in the model to sell it here, which would drive up the unit cost. There may also have been an issue with the currency exchange, with the U.S. Dollar being so much stronger than most other currencies.

    All in all, if the Outlander PHEV was production constrained for any reason, it makes sense for Mitsubishi to delay entry into the U.S. market, so long as they could sell every unit they made in markets more profitable to Mitsubishi.
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  3. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

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  4. ericonline

    ericonline New Member

    According to the Mitsubishi web site, Puente Hills Mitsubishi (near LA) has a couple in inventory. It might actually be here!
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  5. I got on their website last night and asked the off-hours assistant if they had any in stock, and they said they would get in touch with me, allowing me to specify to be contacted by email. I got a call back shortly thereafter, which went to voicemail, confirming they have at least one available. I believe they also have a demo vehicle, though when I went to re-listen to the message...well, let's just say I may have mistakenly deleted it.
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  7. ColoradoPrime

    ColoradoPrime New Member

    I got a notice from Danielle Struse at Mark Mitsubishi in Phoenix, AZ that they have a Mitsubishi PHEV available for sale today...

    Danielle Struse
    Internet Manager
    Mark Mitsubishi Phoenix
  8. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

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  10. Jon

    Jon New Member

    I went to an Outlander PHEV event in Montreal this past weekend. They had 4 to test drive. We have one on order which is expected to arrive at the dealership here in Ottawa (Canada, not California) in the first week of February.

    Others in Canada have reported cars at dealerships -mostly in the West. My dealer had let me know they arrived at the port of Vancouver late December.

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  12. That's awesome! I hope you can share your impressions and fill us in on some more details once it lands. There really isn't much out there from an owner's point of view.
  13. Jon

    Jon New Member

    I picked up my Outlander yesterday. Very fun. Overall, pretty impressed. I've only put about 75kms on it, so still need to give it a good workout...

    I can't get the app to run on my phone, which could be due to my version of Android. Works on my wife's phone, but I don't think it's going to be super useful... we'll see. Android auto seems to work pretty flawlessly.

    Comfortable and smooth.

    Will post more after some longer drives and playing
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  14. Congratulations!

    Feel free to start a fresh thread with your experiences and photos, etc. I know a lot of people are curious about this car from an owner's perspective.
  15. John Hepler

    John Hepler New Member

    HELLO ALL- I'm new to the forum. We just purchased our new 2018 Outlander PHEV a few weeks ago, and are very pleased with it.
    We live in Atlanta GA.

    Since we do mostly short commutes under the the 22 mile EV range, we are able to get maximal mileage out of it. Still on the first tank of gas, only down about 1.5 gallons I would guess, with over 320 miles logged. We rarely need to use the gas, so far.

    For those looking to buy, we were able get ours for right at $30K, down from a list price of $36,500.

    Very smooth to drive with lots of creature comforts as standard, though most all new cars have these (but none are PHEV SUVs)
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  16. Congrats on the car! Nice to hear it's working so well for you.

    To be honest, I continue to be surprised we're not hearing more about this plug-in, especially after listening to so many lament about its previous unavailability in the US. It's selling about 300 copies a month here so far this year.

    Feel free to start a thread if you'd like to share your ownership experience.
  17. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    Have you had a chance to use the AWD and it’s lock feature? If so, how do you like it?
  18. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    Yes, I’ve found it concerning. A few forum members have expressed the opinion that it is either supply constraints, dealer education (as in, lack thereof), or both. I hope they’re right, but I worry that it is more to do with the attitudes of Americans and their anti-ecological viewpoint, mistrust of plugins or technology in general, and their inherent climate denial or apathy.
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  19. I can find 1,280 new examples on That's a pretty low amount of inventory usually, though Mitsubishi has fewer dealers than other manufacturers, I believe, so I'm not positive this is indicative of short supply.
  20. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    It’s my understanding that a better indicator of how well a model sells is the average time spent on dealer lots. Around 60 days is average (IIRC). Any idea what that number would be for the Outlander?

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