Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is coming. Before Winter. *Edit: By Spring!

Discussion in 'Outlander PHEV' started by Domenick, Oct 5, 2017.

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  2. Adrian

    Adrian New Member

    What took them so long? I remember this was originally revealed back in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show.. Better late than never, I guess..
  3. That's a good question. Maybe they didn't want to commit to the US market because they didn't have the supply chain to produce the numbers it might demand? That's really the only reason that comes to mind. Mitsubishi almost died in the wake of the global meltdown, and has needed something with this sort of sales potential.
  4. ColoradoPrime

    ColoradoPrime New Member

    I would love to have bought one of these, but the dealer network is sparse here in Colorado. The closest dealer who will be certified to service the PHEV is a 5 1/2 hour drive away. Otherwise, this would be a wonderful vehicle for Colorado since it is all wheel drive, has decent ground clearance, and is fairly roomy. Settled on a Prius Prime for now, which is a wonderful car, but has none of those useful attributes...
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  5. Yeah, this is the problem with Mitsubishi's big pull back after the recession hit. Now that they've finally got a vehicle that should really sell, they've got limited stores to sell them at. We used to have....oh, what's this? A little search just now reveals my city has a dealership again. It's been a while.

    But yeah, they need to rebuild their distribution network.Hopefully this vehicle can help them with that.
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  7. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    Now that they've effectively merged with the Renault-Nissan Alliance and there is word of platform sharing between the two, perhaps Nissan dealers would be able to service the Outlander?
  8. That's a good point. I wonder if some Nissan dealerships will pick them up now because of this. Maybe the Alliance might pressure/incentivize Nissan dealers in North America.
  9. ColoradoPrime

    ColoradoPrime New Member

    Yes, I wondered that too and asked my local dealer, but so far they say no. Perhaps that will change, that would be great if so.
  10. ColoradoPrime

    ColoradoPrime New Member

    If you are interested in one of these PHEVs, contact dealers. Some dealers within 6 hours of me here in Colorado said they were already set to receive 3-5 of them, and I could choose one of them now by signing a form, and receive the PHEV by Dec.-January. Other dealers did not intend to stock them. The ones that were set to receive them also were going to be certified to service them, others were not. I saw another story, though, that said 85% of Mitsubishi dealers would be certified to service them.
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  12. IanL

    IanL New Member

    It'll be interesting to see how the sales go in the US.
    I've got to say, here in Britain, they are EVERYWHERE.

    I think that rather than know how many had been sold here (about 30k, maybe?) I'd be more interested to know how many of them are routinely plugged in. Especially since Ecotricity introduced a fee for their Electric Highway chargers.
  13. Anthony Karr

    Anthony Karr New Member

    I've heard the Eclipse Cross is also getting a plug-in version. Initially, Mitsubishi cancelled the project due to financial reasons, but after the acquisition by Renault-Nissan the car is back on the drawing board.
  14. IanL

    IanL New Member

    We don't have the Eclipse Cross over this side of the Pond, we have the Outlander and the ASX [Outlander Sport in US], and there's supposed to be a PHEV version of the ASX coming next year.
  15. Anthony Karr

    Anthony Karr New Member

    I believe the Eclipse Cross is going to be available in most the European countries very soon.
  16. An Eclipse Cross PHEV might do pretty good in the US, especially if it becomes available just as the Outlander gets a bit bigger in its next-gen. Price, of course will be critical. Suspect PHEV may be at least a year away, though.
  17. Jack

    Jack Administrator

    I saw that Mitsubishi is spending $5.3 Billion to revamp their automotive business. Could this be a big turning point for them? Growing up, my father always told me to never buy a Mitsubishi unless it was an audio receiver... I might be telling my kids differently
  18. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    Lucy says: "C'mon, Charlie Brown! Come and kick the football! I promise I won't pull it away this time!"

    Hmmm, well after Mitsubishi claiming so many times that it would start selling the Outlander PHEV here in the USA, over the past several years, I'll believe it only when I see it listed as "in stock" at my local car dealer. Until then, despite being a Kansas two-headed llama, I'll say "I'm from Missouri -- Show me!"
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  19. Scramjett

    Scramjett Member

    Well, it looks like Pushmi's late October predictive skepticism is panning out. It is now December and not only has there not been so much as a peep from Mitsubishi since it's late September announcement, a quick perusal of the LA Auto Show website and you can see that the Outlander PHEV is an absolute no show.

    Looks like we either have to settle for the legacy OEM's hatchbacks "crossovers" (Bolt, Niro, etc) or buy a gas mobile if we want something bigger with AWD. Not all of us are blessed with the endless riches necessary to buy a Model X.
  20. ColoradoPrime

    ColoradoPrime New Member

    I don't know, this is puzzling, especially since first drives are showing up, as though there are some here in the USA. Edmunds did a first drive 5 days ago, for example.
  21. Odd that Edmunds is publishing that now. Most outlets reviewed it in September. Looks like, indeed, they are behind schedule. I guess that happens to companies besides Tesla too. ;)

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