mitsub Outlander or Niro PHEV

Discussion in 'General' started by JKroll, Jul 18, 2018.

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  1. JKroll

    JKroll Member

    Debating on buying either Outlander PHEV vs Niro PHEV

    Am interested in hearing pros and cons of each. The rebate is higher for outlander. I am more interested in reliabilty /technology aspects.

    Frustrated both my Hondas went crap one around 132k with transm issue and other 58 k miles has some engine/transm noise with dead AC.

    I also own Clarity but the next one I buy has to be SUV though I am not going to insist on 4wd.

    Niro is still not widely available so might have to go to chicago for that
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  3. Jwbj

    Jwbj New Member

  4. Jwbj

    Jwbj New Member

    Might go to for a side by side comparison. I did not drive the outlander before I bought my new Niro phev but I am very happy so far. Ave.58 mpg. combined. Side note they say evs and hevs 2 wheel drive are much better in snow because of elec. motor torque. Niro phevs have been very hard to find around here. Might look at car gurus or similar for some in stk. near you to test drive.If you have cheap elec. and can plug in at nite can be very economical transportation. Good luck on your choice.

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