Mission E mules winter testing

Discussion in 'Porsche Taycan' started by Domenick, Mar 13, 2018.

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  1. The long road of development continues for the Mission E. A nice piece of film just surfaced of some mules doing some winter testing. Just remember, these are not what the production cars will look like. Similar, but I think these are actually Panamera's with some tweaks to hide their Panameracism (if that really is a word).

    Interesting to note that the article also mentions there will be as many as three levels of trim, with each offering a different amount of power output: from 300 kW (402 horsepower) to 500 kW (670 horsepower).

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  3. Greggor

    Greggor New Member

    Panamera's......not.....pretty much impossible to build that batt and drive under the Pan frame.
    Mauer says design is 'fixed'. Unfortunately it seems the design team lost to 'Marketing'......and we will not see the 2015 beauty make it to market.
    There is a long list of stuff lost in what we see now.....just one is the front.

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  4. I think the mules here are wearing Panamera bodywork, so I still have hope they haven't scotched up a great design. Here's a pic from another thread.

  5. Greggor

    Greggor New Member

    Agreed......and I have hope too (as well as the 1st deposit down in our market).....however, one of the most distinctive lines of the front was the high (918-like) fenders arches.....lower bonnet with 2 significant crease features on the hood............all this is there but very very much toned down and pretty much impossible to cover with Pano bodywork. The rear view of the 2015 car had great broad shoulders over the right and left fenders......again can't really hide w/bodywork.
    I could go on but there were at least a half dozen things that made the 2015 car a definite 'double-taker'.....and definitely the look of a future Pcar. The mule appears to be a 'car'. Hope I am wrong.
  6. I think another piece of evidence it will stay close to the original design is the Mission E Cross Turismo. Basic shape is still there.

    Great to hear you have a deposit down. Very much looking forward to learning how your prospective ownership status progresses.

    Mission E Cross Turismo.jpg
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  8. jim

    jim Active Member

    Now they need some Summer HEAT Testing in the desert. I'll be glad to do it for them and give them lots of data. I'm in the Phoenix-Mesda-Chandler area where the old GM Desert Proving grounds used to be.
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