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Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by Matt Shumaker, Mar 22, 2020.

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    Does the driver have any way to know at what point the MINI Cooper SE's brake lights come on when lifting off the accelerator pedal? It would be nice to know when people behind you are confronted with your brake lights. Do Tesla drivers have a way to know when their brake lights come on with one-pedal driving? Perhaps a comparison would be a good Tech Forum topic, but difficult to measure and demonstrate.

    I would like to have a tiny LED inside the car connected to the high-mounted brake light that you can see in the rear-view mirror to know when the brake lights come on. However, if the brake lights come on with the slightest reduction in pressure on the accelerator pedal, such an LED would provide no useful information (and the brake lights would be flashing frequently, which would be annoying).

    Are there any incandescent lights in the MINI Cooper SE? I remember reading that perhaps the turn signals or backup lights are incandescent.

    The MINI Cooper SE Owner's Manual says, "Unusually rapid flashing of the indicator light indicates that a turn signal bulb has failed." I wonder if that's the case with failed LEDs, too?
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  2. Matt Shumaker

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    Saw your video Matt, I love your enthusiasm, and fully support what you're working to communicate to the viewers.
    Saw multiple times on the video you posted above, the car loses traction under hard acceleration, like the Chevy Bolt, looks to be an unrefined behavior of over powered front wheel drive.
  4. Matt Shumaker

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    That is traction control off.
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    Can you get your MINI to accelerate faster (on dry, smooth pavement) with the traction control off? You noted earlier that you can get wheelspin in a corner even with the traction control engaged. So do you find the traction control not useful or just more fun without the nanny in charge?
  6. Matt Shumaker

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    I haven't timed the acceleration difference try. However, my take on it is; I think it is just more fun to drive without traction control.

    The traction control actually works very well. I just prefer driving with it off.
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  7. Matt Shumaker

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    With warmer weather, I can tell you the car is noticeably quicker than in the cold. This may seem obvious. But, in 40 degree weather, the car possesses a specific amount of performance (which is satisfying). In warm weather (65 to 70 degree F), it wakes up! I took it out at 100% charge and 70 degrees and it was noticeably quicker and more responsive. It went from "Fun" to a relatively fast car.

    Bear in mind, I am coming from a Tesla Model 3 and a BMW M240i (the BMW runs 0-60 in 4.4 seconds according to my V-Box). So, the Mini obviously doesn't scare me. But, it did impress me.

    I will word it this way;

    The car feels perfectly balanced and does not need any more power. In fact, the tires are already at there limit under acceleration. More power would just light them up.

    Do not believe the reviews that say the car is underpowered. It is not....
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    I can understand the battery delivering less range in colder temperatures, but I didn't realize the motor's performance could also be affected. Does your VBOX indicate the difference in acceleration numbers?
  9. Matt Shumaker

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    I have to test it to make sure. It deliberately is far more "Punchy".

    I have not used the V-Box in the Mini yet. I have an upcoming video of that.

    Oh, also, there is no torque-steer. There is however, what I would call "Torque-lock". What I mean by that is; when accelerating hard out of a corner, the steering wants to stay in the degree of turn it was in when you hit the accelerator. You have to fight it just a bit too straighten it out as the road straightens. This give a bit of a "Hunting" affect to the front end of the car. Add in wheelspin, and the car can be a bit of a handful at times. That being said, I actually enjoy it! I am used to the Tesla stepping out under these conditions. That can be fun. But, the Mini has its own character to enjoy.
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