MINI SE Electric: Hood scoop or nah?

Discussion in 'MINI Cooper SE' started by Pushmi-Pullyu, Sep 20, 2019.

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    Ah, I didn't realize that all Mini would need to do would be to use a different part that it already stocks. Thanks for explaining.

    It does seem strange they would put a hood with an air scoop on an EV, but then block off the air intake. I guess it's just a style choice, then.

    Seems like you should be able to find another Mini owner who would be happy to swap hoods, if your paint jobs match. Maybe advertise on Craigslist?

  2. insightman

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    As others have replied on other forums, ALL MINI hood scoops have been blocked off after BMW's 1st-gen MINI. Certainly, the base MINI's hood costs less to produce than one with a fake hood scoop so why not agree to charge me more for less?

    Here's what I just put in a letter to the MINI Head of Exterior Design in the UK, Thomas Sycha.


    After bombarding 5 MINI executives with my plea, I should be receiving my cease-and-desist letter soon.
  3. insightman

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    Sadly, from the limited number of electric MINI packages the company is offering, it appears it is less configurable than other MINIs. So my dream that someone could check a box and install the base MINI's scoopless hood on my MINI Cooper SE is fading. However, I was compelled to set up a website to voice my complaint so I could stop boring the people here with my hood-scoop anathema.
  4. insightman

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    Silly me. I now realize how futile my quest was to get BMW to offer a hood-scoop delete option for the electric MINI Cooper SE. Here's BMW's new electric concept car, the i4. No, it doesn't have a fake hood scoop like the MINI Cooper SE, but instead it has a humongous fake grille (Nobody will confuse OUR electric car with a Tesla!). Silly me.

  5. It's totally a style choice. It makes more sense if you read the naming ethos behind the model...don't look at "SE" as a trim package like it would be on a lot of other makes (SE, GT, RS, etc. etc. etc.) If you mentally add a hyphen between the S and the E, it makes more sense...this is a Mini Cooper S, but with the E tacked on for Electric. The hood scoop is part of the Cooper S package - that's also why it's a Cooper S on the doorsills (only the S is chartreuse instead of red, which is awesome.) They've positioned the Cooper SE to be equivalent to the Cooper S in the model hierarchy, so it's spec'd out equivalently as well (right down to the hood scoop.)

    I just bought my Cooper SE a week ago and I'm absolutely in love with the little bugger so far!
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    @rossferguson, you are, of course, correct. The whole reason the MINI Cooper S and SE both get a fake hood scoop is to recall the days when MINI Coopers had functional hood scoops to increase the performance of their internal-combustion engines. Honda, too, likes adding fake scoops and vents to make their cars look more sporty.

    Another ornament I don't like is a fake spoiler. As far as I know, only the original Audi TT needed to add a spoiler to prevent handling problems at sane speeds, but lots of cars have unnecessary spoilers. I don't like over-sized exhaust-pipe extensions, either. However, I can understand those who appreciate the non-functional MINI Cooper S/SE hood scoop as a link to the MINI Cooper's performance heritage.

    My feelings about the hood scoop on the MINI Electric are shared by some highly credentialed allies: MINI's design team. I created a historical slide show that traces the history of the electric versions of this great car. No electric MINI test car, concept car, concept drawing, or production prototype included a hood scoop. A highly placed member of MINI's design team (not Thomas Sycha) told me I'd have to talk to Marketing about the hood scoop that first appeared July 9th, 2019, the day MINI unveiled the MINI Cooper SE that would finally be sold to the public.

    MINI allows people buying a Signature Plus or Iconic MINI Cooper SE to delete the sunroof at no additional cost. Why shouldn't I be allowed to pay extra to choose the less-expensive scoopless hood from the base MINI?

    Today I contacted my favorite body shop and asked them to come up with an estimate for replacing the hood when my MINI arrives sometime in July. I hope there will be many ebay members who want to bid on a brand-new Moonwalk Grey MINI Cooper S/SE hood, but I have nowhere to store the original hood so I'll probably start the bidding at $1 (plus shipping) to make sure it sells quickly.

    My wife thinks I'm crazy, but I've convinced her over the past year that fixing the hood is the only way I'll be completely happy with the car. It would be terrible to always be envying the base MINI that lives down the block. After the scoop is gone I will be very happy that the great MINI logo on that beautifully sculpted hood will not be forced to compete with a looming opening to nowhere.

    I guess I should be grateful MINI didn't also include fake exhaust pipes that emit the recorded sound of a supercharged MINI Cooper S.</soapbox>
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    :p :p :D

    Thanks for the belly laugh, "insightman"!


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