MINI app “climatization” (heat/AC) questions

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by SameGuy, Aug 7, 2022.

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  1. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I’m realizing it’ll take me some time to learn everything about the car (although I notice I’ve taken to one-pedal like a fish to water!).

    Can someone tell me a couple of things about the app and either (scheduled) preconditioning, or requested “climatization”? I’ve searched here and can’t find a recent thread about precon, nor any that address my specific bemusement.

    Friday I used the app to request preconditioning at home (not charging), and while the app acknowledged that the request was sent successfully, I couldn’t find a place to set a temperature, nor could I tell if it was running once the request was sent. I also couldn’t find a place to shut it off once my drive was delayed. How long does HVAC run if I don’t get in the car?

    Yesterday at work, it was 92° and not a cloud in the sky, and the ceramic tint can only do so much. Around 15 minutes before leaving work, I again requested precon, but the circle spun around the fan for around a minute before timing out with an “unsuccessful” notification. I tried a dozen times, with two bars of 5G, switched to LTE, switched to the airport wifi, it never worked. Any ideas?

    It remained very warm overnight, and scheduled preconditioning (not charging) worked fine, but again, nothing in the app indicated it was working. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Any thoughts on what I’m doing (or doing wrong)?
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  3. MichaelC

    MichaelC Well-Known Member

    You cannot set the temperature for climatization. It always targets a "comfortable" temperature, which we speculate to be 72F.

    Unfortunately, the app does not offer any indication that climatization is active (which is a feature I would also like to see). The only indication you'll get (besides hearing the heat pump/air conditioning compressor running) is the lights on the climate controls.

    As far as I know, the only way to manually stop climatization is by switching the car on with the start/stop toggle. I think the HVAC will run up to 15 minutes past the scheduled departure time. I don't know how long manually-started climatization will run, but I speculate no longer than 30 minutes (15 minutes to get to "comfortable" temperature + 15 minutes waiting for you to get in and depart).

    If your phone had a solid signal and your SE had a solid signal, it may have failed because BMW/MINI's servers had some kind of problem. That happens sometimes.
  4. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

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  5. teslarati97

    teslarati97 Well-Known Member

    There is only one Bell tower at YUL but 4 Rogers and 4 Telus in the terminal and parking lots. Maybe MINI is on the Bell network in Canada?
  6. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Lol that’s a distinct possibility.
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  8. SameGuy

    SameGuy Well-Known Member Subscriber

    FWIW it worked today, 88° and slightly humid, but it was 65° in the car. Good stuff.
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  9. chrunck

    chrunck Well-Known Member

    AFAIK it runs for 30 minutes when turning on manually.

    I typically tell it to start when I'm leaving work for the day, and it's coolish by the time I get to the car. Sometimes it fails though, which happened twice last week for no discernable reason.

    It's awesome when it works, which is fortunately most of the time for me
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