MINI Adaptive Headlights

Discussion in 'Cooper SE' started by insightman, Nov 17, 2021.

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  1. insightman

    insightman Well-Known Member Subscriber

    This article's headline reads,
    Adaptive headlights finally legal in US with Biden's infrastructure bill signed into law
    What would it take to retrofit our MINI Cooper SEs with the adaptive LED headlights that have previously been illegal in the US? It would be cool if Bimmercode could do it, but I doubt it's that easy--the upgrade likely requires an expensive new set of headlights and software Bimmercode can't activate.

    Here's a 2018 video demonstrating MINI's adaptive LED headlights.
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  3. ColdCase

    ColdCase Active Member

    These LED headlights are way too harsh to me, the glare off of reflections, like road signs, have a tendency to blind me. I'd prefer a good set of halogens to actually see much better or perhaps HIDS as thats about the only complaint/disappointment I have with the mini. The high beams are really nice out on the open road, however. Not as good as the 85 vettes sealed beams for lighting up the road, but OK.
  4. bmartinez028

    bmartinez028 Active Member

    On our 22s inquiry report “variable light decoding” is listed. I believe this is to deactivate the Adaptive/Matrix function before the car is shipped to the US. I’m sure the hardware is the same as UK cars just deprogrammed.
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  5. Carsten Haase

    Carsten Haase Well-Known Member

    Maybe or maybe not. On the clear plastic outer lense it says "DOT" which is a US thing and Europe has a different "ECE" beam cutoff so the assembly is definitely unique for North America.

    They still could have left the adaptive matrix stuff in but I doubt it. The "decoding" could just be telling the computer that the car does not have the matrix hardware...

    I'd love to be wrong though!
  6. fizzit

    fizzit Active Member

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  8. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    I'm getting my winter wheels put on next week, I'll ask service if it's possible to upgrade the lights. They might not know, however.
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  9. Puppethead

    Puppethead Well-Known Member

    Service hadn't heard of them, but their shop foreman saw a YouTube video showcasing them and is trying to find out if it's possible. I'm not entirely hopeful, but the SE does have fully-functional rear fog lights that are disabled in the US so there's a chance it could just be a parts upgrade.
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