Mileage claim Canada vs Europe

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Hofty, Jul 8, 2020.

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  1. Hofty

    Hofty New Member


    Little confused with some numbers. There appears to be a variation with claimed mileage on the Kona between US/Canada and Europe.

    USA/Canada: 258 Miles (415km)
    Europe: 278 Miles (447km)

    I have a Kona on order in Canada so the dealership is implying it will be a 2021 model. Rumour has it the 2021 has 8% increased mileage due to new tires that have better rolling resistance. Surely that can't be the case? 8% brings the 415km to 448km. Is it just that Europe is ahead of the game and I'm confusing 2020 to 2021 ranges?

    Comments greatly appreciated.
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  3. 1st thing you have to appreciate is that you are comparing apples to oranges when the vehicles are rated in North America vs Europe or other parts of the world.
    We use EPA drive cycle ratings which are generally lower than WLTP ratings in most other parts of the world. The EPA drive cycle testing has more emphasis on highway driving vs WLTP which is more urban cycle focused. From a energy efficiency standpoint an EV's regenerative capacity naturally favors urban over highway. Secondly the low rolling resistance Michelin tires they use in the new ratings at most may improve 1- 2% over the current low rolling resistance Nexens, maybe. The rest is likely just software manipulation of the batteries reserve capacity. As far as I know the battery chemistry and architecture remains the same.
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  4. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    I also have had a problem with Hyundai's claim for better mileage. I have seen 1% increase with improved tires in my Prius. I have never seen 8%. The biggest problem I have is that Hyundai has never stated what they did to improve mileage.
    If they are going to sell you a 2021, I don't believe these are out yet. Maybe they anticipate a long wait for the vehicle.
  5. persianrider

    persianrider Member

    there is a 9-12 month wait, I placed my order last week here in Montreal

    Hofty when and where did you order yours, because the dealer here said they couldn't tell me if it was a 2020 or 2021, but I agree in 9-12 months I won't take possession of a 2020 car
  6. Probably, their new model year production typically does not start until September, so the earliest 2021 models won't hit dealers until late September / October.
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  8. Hyundai in the UK are quoting all Kona EV orders fulfilled in 3 days now.
  9. That's interesting as the current UK Click to buy quote is 12 weeks
  10. Perhaps what I heard was a target. Ours took 3 months (down from 4 months).
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  11. Apparently they redesigned the underbody for a reduction in aerodynamic drag in conjunction with the new tires.
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  13. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    cmos.JPG cmos.JPG
    Our undercarriage is a long flat sheet metal cover. No appreciable wind resistance. We did test drive a model with no sheet metal. I could see the battery pack and the framework around it. I was thinking it was attached later but maybe not. There is no redesign of my 2019 that could make a significant difference.
    A good question for the forum would who has that flat sheet metal and who doesn't.
    There are other options that could improve mileage. The forever improvement in CMOS technology related to the EV charging system and charging systems. This is an article that I just received about an advanced Chip related.
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  14. Well I can certainly say there is no sheet metal panel under my Kona EV. 2 piece plastic interlocking under panels from the front bumper to the front of the pack itself, with nothing behind the pack but suspension parts. This might be the area where the aerodynamic improvement might be made, but we need to see one first. Here is the front one of 2 pieces:
  15. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    Kona Underbelly.JPG
    The underside of our Kona EV is quite flat. Don't think any improvement would make a significant mileage improvement. We have the large battery. Maybe the smaller battery would be different.
  16. How far does that rear plate stick out from the battery pack. Is your model a 2019 or 2020? I have a similar plate on mine(about 1 inch thick) attached to the pack (part of the pack itself) and held in place at the top by 4 huge bolts screwed to the frame, more or less a "protection plate" looks like to guard against damage to the tinny top part of the pack.
    Sorry. no picture.
  17. Just looked at mine and same as @GeorgeS. Only thing that might help is a taper tip fairing behind the square back battery pack, to reduce the turbulence drag. Think trailing edge of an airplane wing.
  18. GeorgeS

    GeorgeS Active Member

    It looks like it may be the battery pack. It is a 2019. We did oddly test drive a different 2019 that had a lot more turbulence potential. It was not an ultimate like ours. Maybe it was the smaller battery.

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