Media Test Drives of the Ariya In a Couple Weeks?

Discussion in 'Ariya' started by GropplerZorn, Feb 21, 2022.

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  1. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    At a couple points, Joe mentions driving the Ariya in a couple weeks. I could really go for an update here. Any update. :cool:
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  3. Just to update this, there's a first drive program coming up in a couple weeks.
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  4. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member have the new test drives and video reviews affected your perceptions of the Ariya?

    I am mildly concerned that at least a couple reviewers have said the ride is stiff (or something similar), although these aren't production cars, tire pressure could be high, that sort of thing.

    Also, not thrilled to hear comments about the interior materials looking cheap, even though other reviewers said it looks premium inside.

    I wish we were getting the mid-range horsepower e-4orce in the US. I agree with the reviewer who said that could be the sweet spot. The ID4, with 295hp on the AWD at $50k, seems like a good balance.

    Overall, if I'm honest, I wasn't wowed by the car the way I hoped I would be. I have a reservation for an ID4 and an Ariya and to be fair, I think the VW is a nose ahead with me right now, for a few reasons.
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  5. DJP

    DJP Active Member

    Although having placed a reservation, I was ready to cancel it simply because there had been so little information coming out about the car (it has been a v-e-r-y long gestation period!). After reading a number of written reports and watching podcasts with motoring journalists interacting with the car, my feelings are much more positive about Ariya so I am going to hang in with my reservation. I'm quite excited about the car --hopefully it's going to be within my budget by the time they start delivering them.
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  6. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    It has felt like forever.

    All ID4 reservation holders recently received an email advising them of delays, and I've seen several folks mention that VW dealers are now quoting 18 months for new orders, with the (admittedly internet sourced) average time looking like at least a year for those that ordered in the last nine moths or so.

    If my Ariya comes in first I will almost certainly go with that, the gap between the two cars is that narrow for me.

    I am still trying to make a final decision on which trim and color to lock into before my window comes up.
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  8. Given my (less than favorable) impression of KIA/Hyundai support network the Ariya tops my list as a replacement. No other legacy maker has this much experience in building and maintaining EVs.

    Nice looking car, too.
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  9. GropplerZorn

    GropplerZorn New Member

    I'm not considering either the I5 or EV6 for a number of reasons. I briefly considered an XC40/C40, but really it's just these two for me now.

    Agree on Nissan's history and I like everything about the Ariya so far, just hoping for some reviews of actual production cars in the US, and seeing and driving one myself.

    To be fair though, if Nissan calls me tomorrow I would buy this car sight unseen.
  10. Including the extended decontamination required after entering a KIA or Hyundai mosh pit, no doubt. Last time I looked into the local offerings, they trotted out the 4 square after we agreed on price.

    I picked up and left, right then and there.
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