Mechanical repair service contract.

Discussion in 'Honda' started by cyberteen, May 26, 2020.

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  1. cyberteen

    cyberteen Member

    So, I bought my new honda clarity base 2020 today. I got convinced to buy a additional warranty called Service Contract Warranty from a provider "The Mechanic" for 2900$, 72 month - 75000 miles. Includes roadside assistance and rental service

    From what I understand, this warranty covers more parts right from my purchase date, which are not included in the bumper-bumper or power train. i.e. more internal parts such as - steering, front suspension, brakes, electrical parts(switches, relays, motors etc.), air conditioner, electronic parts(power windows, power locks.

    Since I was indeed buying a costly vehicle and I could cancel it for full refund within 60 days and could include it in my financing (about 55$ per month additional), I took it so that I can think over and see if it makes sense and get some additional inputs.

    Has anyone bought something similar? pls share your comments. thanks
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  3. cyberteen

    cyberteen Member

    I realized I posted it to the general Honda sub-forum. Posting it again inside to the Clarity sub-forum for better audience.

    Mods, I don't see an option to delete this post. So just leaving it here.

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