Mechanical “clunk” noise when turning in either direction

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by Brennan Raposo, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. DelRider

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    From a video that Nigel included in his video (see above), a person who replied indicated he had something similar that turned out to be a suspension spring binding then 'snapping' loose to give that bang. Given the symptons and the fact that, presumably, other parts have been replaced with no improvement, I am inclined to go with that explanation and assume repair shops are looking in the wrong place for the answer. If they pull the camera back a bit, the big picture might be more in focus.
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  2. Mike mcnulty

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    Hi All, so glad I found this link.
    Have the same problem with my Kona Elec, noticed the severe click specifically loud breaking at the bottom of down ramp in a multistory car park.
    And also when driving slowly on the flat turning fully to the left or fully to the right. Didn’t think much of it but brought it in the Hyundai service here in Dublin. They are working on it, replacing things but told me today they need to keep it for another 10 days or so. I guess they have to do there thing but has anyone actually gotten this fixed yet / a diagnosis of the problem ? Something I can maybe give them to save time ?
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  3. electriceddy

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    Sounds like 2 different problems, brake pad clicking when going down the ramp and the turning clunk specified in this thread. Keep us informed and welcome to the forum.
  4. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    They've already replaced my driver-side front control arm assembly about 2 months ago and it did not fix the issue. They currently have the entire front bearing assembly on order for me. They will be completing this along with my reduction gear assembly replacement. So hopefully in the next week or so I'll have a response as to whether or not it's fixed! And by then about 50% of my car will be brand new with the amount of items I'll have had replaced on it LOL
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  5. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    I have a feeling that the bearing will solve the issue from what I've read on other forums, it is strange however that it affects only one side at a time , in your case the drivers side. Wonder if passenger side will develop the same issue?
    Are they going to change both side bearing assemblies or just one?
  6. justfortheride

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    Hi all,

    We're also experiencing what I would call a "clunk" when turning at low speeds. We've got a 2019 Kona, had approx 11K when we first heard the sound, but couldn't reliably reproduce it, now it's constant under the conditions noted above. It is quite audible inside the vehicle, no need to have windows down.

    However, when I watch the videos above, I'm not sure the sound I hear in our Kona is the same. In the video, I'd call that sound a clack/click/snap; in our Kona, it seems a bit more like a true clunk, a bit of a deeper sound. In the videos above, it's not clear to me whether the clack/click/snap repeats? None the less, for us, the clunking repeats throughout the turning manoeuvre. The car is going to be seen by our Hyundai service department. I'll update you once we know what the plan is.
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  7. Dario

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    From what ive seen from this forum is that this is a common issue that must be notified to hyundai canada or wherever country it was purchased. I today called them for the exact problem and they have not 1 person on file that had called in the complaint to the manufacture as the lady on the phone mentioned to me. I believe this is really a recall problem that must be addressed so please call in the problem you all are having so we can get this added to a recall listing. She told me specifically if nobody calls in the manufacturer they will not know that such a problem exists simply by going through the dealership. Ive created the first file in Canada regarding the issue. I encourage all of you to do the same so we can solve this problem asap. Here is the customer service line. They were prompt in answering, have your vin #s ready 1888 216-2626
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  8. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    Yet another bearing issue? What is your location?
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  9. Wildeyed

    Wildeyed Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that it wouldn't hurt to report problems to corporate directly but I don't share your optimism about them recording and reporting. In my experience Hyundai Corporate (Canada) specialises in deflection, specifically to the dealerships. It the dealerships that owners need to lobby. And even then, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  10. Dario

    Dario New Member

    To me its worth a shot. They gave me a claim number and for you the same if you report it and that continuation of claims for the same problem should eventually result in a recall. The representative on the phone told me everyone experiencing this issue should do the same. I think she will know where it goes so I want to trust her judgement, and its 5 minutes of time so why not?
  11. justfortheride

    justfortheride New Member

    Update: After going for a drive to listen to the noise with the tech, they got the car up on the lift to take a look. The warranty guy came back with the tech to tell me everything looked fine and they couldn't locate a problem. He then explained to me that I could have been hearing a rock in the tire As you can imagine I was pretty unimpressed. So the three of us went for a ride, warranty & tech guys heard it. Yet, with everything looking fine they decided to simply loosen and then re-torque the front upper strut bushings (basically, loosened and tightened the bolts located exactly in the upper right and left hand corners under the hood, under the plastic covers that pop open, another member mentioned they lubricated the bolts to prevent rust and posted a pic). They sent me on my way, telling me to come back if it is still an issue. I haven't really tested it out yet. Will let you know if I have to go back.

    We also had them look at the high pitched metal scraping sound; which I believe some others have had break clips/calipers/pads replaced and/or had some parts lubricated. They had no clue. On our drive the tech heard it, the warranty guy was yapping too much to hear it.

    To electriceddy: I'm located in Canada.

    To Dario: I asked the warranty guy about how recalls and reporting works, how if other people have a similar problem, and we're all going in and service departments are all starting from scratch to find solutions - how do these sorts of things get reported and shared, recalls created etc. He explained that basically, if people go in for a problem that gets billed/covered as warranty, and this is a repetitive service code and warranty claim, that this gets flagged (by someone? somewhere?) and Hyundai Canada will look into to it to see common issues/solutions/etc. and if it's not a safety issue, but something that needs addressing none the less, they send out what is called a "campaign," and like a recall, owners are notified and/or when you're in for your next service, it will show up that it needs to be done. When the mechanics and techs cannot solve a problem they will send out a (something, I can't remember the name) and basically it alerts other service centers to see if anyone else has encountered it, how it was solved etc. If there's no feedback, the they call up the engineer at Hyundai Canada. A recall is generated when there is a safety issue that has been identified. That all being said, I personally will probably only resort to calling Hyundai Canada if something is not getting resolved at my local Hyundai service centre.
  12. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    I assure you it's not the clips or a lubrication issue. This has to do with either the actual BMU (Battery Management Unit) or the lower drive gear. I currently have the latter on order. If it were clips or simply a lubrication issue, it would STILL do it when regen is off or you're driving backwards. My car is silent on zero regen and silent when reversing.

    I just got a call a few minutes ago from my dealer stating that all of my parts have landed in Vancouver and should be in their hands by the end of the week. And to reiterate, these are parts for my high-pitched hiss noise (or metal scraping sound) as well as my front mechanical clunking sound when turning in any direction.

    I would recommend to continue pestering your dealership. Since you're in Canada, have them give my dealer a call and feel free to use me by name. You seem to have the two issues I have had since ownership. I got my Car in Feb and we're now in Sept. 8 months and no resolution or official campaign from Hyundai. It's too bad. I will say, my dealers been pretty good. Any suggestions I have, they tend to run with. I told them at the beginning of the summer that it couldn't be the clips as they'd previously stated because of X reasons and they agreed and had an engineer come in from Hyundai to investigate. He agreed which lead me to where I am today.

    My dealer is Burlington Hyundai in Burlington Ontario- Chuck is the Service Manager. Again, feel free to mention me by name. I've made myself a common sight at the dealership so they should know me ahah!
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  13. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    I also have a good relationship with my dealer in Nanaimo. Very knowledgeable staff, courteous and actually listen/ take action with any of my concerns.
    In exchange I give them awesome reviews and purchase minor items (wiper replacements etc) - and probably a cabin filter when I feel it even though it might cost me 10 bucks more than online.
    It is wonderful news that your dealer is up to the task.:)
  14. NP27

    NP27 New Member

    I have a similar sound with my Kona (8000 km). However, mine only happens when I turn right. I've tested it many times, and nothing on a left turn. I was finally able to get it in to the dealership and took an advisor out for a drive - he heard it no problem. They kept it for the day and this is what they put in the work order:

    * Searched for related TSBs (none found)
    * Removed underpanel to inspect drive shafts and underneath (everything visually ok, driveaxles dry secure and ok, no excess play noticed in joints)
    * Inspected both front brakes (everything visually ok, no excess play in pads and everything moving smoothly)
    * Loosened and retorqued R/F driveaxle nut to spec (road tested and noticed noise again, seemingly from L/F area)
    * Loosened and retorqued L/F driveaxle nut to spec (road tested and noticed noise more frequent now, suspect L/F driveaxle worn)
    * CORRECTION: Recommend replace L/driveaxle assembly and recheck.

    They've ordered the driveaxle assembly and will call me when it's in. I'll see if that takes care of the noise. If not, I'll be bringing in this thread to suggest the bearing assembly. I'm in London, Ontario, so I'll suggest contacting Burlington Hyundai to compare notes. I'll update when I have more.
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  15. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    I hope it solves the problem , but if it doesn't maybe send them these posts referring to a specialist engineer from Hyundai
    of course depending if this actually solves the problem.
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  16. NP27

    NP27 New Member

    Here's my update. Driveaxle was replaced and unfortunately did NOT fix the problem. I have another appointment next week for more diagnosing. I mentioned this forum/thread and was asked to bring in the details next week. I'm hoping some consultation will take place, especially with Burlington Hyundai (only an hour down the road), and discuss the possible bearing assembly option. The search continues!
  17. electriceddy

    electriceddy Well-Known Member

    From what I have noted on another forum the bearings seem to be the issue- will look it up later.
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  18. NP27

    NP27 New Member

    Further update: Car back in to dealership twice this week. Still no solution, they kept the car for the day and are keeping it overnight while they consult with Hyundai Canada (possibly a Hyundai engineer?). Hopefully there will be consultation with other dealerships, namely Burlington, since they have already consulted with an engineer. I hope to hear of some progress tomorrow.
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  19. ehatch

    ehatch Active Member

    Since you literally have a new mechanical system that hasn't resolved the hiss/squeak/clunk? The part you think will resolve the hiss/squeak noise,with a clunk when audible is the reduction gear assembly ? I have heard that clunk happening on the passenger side. PLEASE list your DTC codes,parts for us, especially the one that actually resolves the hiss/squeak/clunk. I am with those who have said they're surprised Hyundai hasn't issued any repair notice since we have UK, North America experiencing the same thing. Production dates for Konas with the issue appear to be in December 2018?

    @justfortheride your dealership is being lazy. Ask for a Hyundai reference/case number ,and have them repair it with the part that works for @Brennan Raposo . IF they do nothing,file a claim with your lemon law. Waiting for people to have an accident before a recall's issued is not a solution,glad we are all chatting about this identified common problem.
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  20. Brennan Raposo

    Brennan Raposo Well-Known Member Subscriber

    So, my car was dropped off yesterday at Burlington Hyundai in Burlington Ontario. I must say, I feel very well taken care of by the entire team here.
    The service manager, Chuck has been awesome. I got weekly update calls with regards to all my parts which were on back order from Korea. He called me once a week letting me know where the parts were, whether they were on a boat yet, when they landed in Vancouver etc. He booked my appointment and got me a loaner car no questions asked. I do contracting work on the side and my car was full of tools and materials, the service team even loaded the loaner vehicle with all my tools while I had a coffee in the service room! And just a note - I didn't buy my vehicle at this dealership, it was simply more convenient for me.

    My car was not ready yesterday evening, so I hope it'll be done today. As soon as the repairs are completed I will give a complete overview of everything and whether the issues were resolved. As mentioned above, I have been experiencing both the high-pitched "hissing" noise as well as the clunk when turning in either direction.

    Anyone who is looking for good service, I highly recommend at least having your dealer reach out to Burlington Hyundai. They seem to be pulling all the stops in order to rectify the issue. They already mentioned that if this doesn't resolve it - they will order a new BMU for me. At that point, with replaced suspension and steering parts, replaced lower-gear assembly I'll essentially have a brand new car lol

    Stay tuned!

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