Massive fraudulent attempt in CA to raise EV home charging costs?

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    Massive fraudulent attempt in CA to raise EV home charging costs?


    For profit PG&E (40% of CA rate payers) was involved because of its natural gas component in the these 3 scams:

    1. Enron- bankrupted CA resulted in catastrophic political set-back unaddressed in wake of 911 PG&E did go bankrupt but still no real accountability

    2. Aliso Viejo PG&E gassed its customers out of their homes for months- rewarded itself with jacking up rates. It did this at when natural gas derivatives were at risk for tanking the banking industry.

    3. CA wild fires, PG&E claims it has a 35 billion dollar bill to pay, it wants to put this on rate payers- its actions will ripple all the state's rate payers, but for its customers the load will be equal to a whole year's worth of personal transport gasoline expenditure per customer.

    Do we think this is coincidence? I don't think, I think there was fraud involved at each stage and it involved natural gas. I think is a scam to try to jack up the EV charging rates in CA so they can say its more expensive the gasoline and all that other BS. Stupid laws (some possibly even secret- secret law is the highest form of corruption) dating back the Bush admin and its 911 BS and patriot act seem to shield the NG industry from every kind of liability. What other industry can put lines on your property and then force you to insure its property. Even before the PG&E liability came up CA moved to weaken its liability- totally outrageous and of course outrageously CA weakened net metering. But as it is things don't seem to be going perfectly in its favor but we have to be hyper vigilant on PG&E and its repeat offending.

    PG&E hinted it might divest its NG holdings. That would be massively important. But it needs to go further and not buy any NG power contracts or NG generated energy for resale. And its investors need to eat all the costs of the fires without rate hikes. These investors would be getting paid for 3 times seriously defrauding the entire California public. In addition, best of all would be to get rid of the name in a way that can't be brought back, and get rid of its management and covert it to a Hotelling style cooperative that gets rid of the private parasite's public interest undermining negative contribution ill-gotten gain out of the way. Let it set precedent. No more guaranteed 10% of the average rate payer's bill going to support this scamming.


    longer rambling version follows:
    Remember Enron? That put a 40 billion dollar dent in the CA budget costing us the best governor CA may have ever had and it was held over the state's budget for the whole Bush admin unleashing a wave of fraudulent privatization scams. During the Obama Admin the Federal government returned the money but it did not go to cover what it was supposed to cover. PG&E was part of that scam and no one was ever held accountable but PG&E did face a bankruptcy proceeding. So this was another natural gas scam under Republicans that destroyed the budget in CA and seriously upset the state's politics. It seems likely that part of the reason that nothing was done is the scam hide under the cover of an even bigger scam in the Middle East that involved preemptive wars and some US buildings being destroyed including a SEC building and the theft of Iraq's oil. Have to wonder where the FBI is on this new seemingly likely scam with PG&E and the CA wild fires.

    Where was it when PG&E got to gas people in LA for months and rewarded itself by raising rates on rate payers? Yes, fast forward some years and PG&E in a manner reminiscent of the Union Carbide tragedy in India (deaths waited till the wild fires) or BP spill- PG&E gassed people out of their homes in LA for months and months. It was then allowed to raise rates on rate payers substantially to cover cover the costs of fixing the problem it caused for the benefit of its private investors- sound familiar? Raising of rates always has a ripple effect throughout the state especially when PG&E covers 40% of the state's rate payers. And you have to wonder if it was just them uncapping their own gas wells to try to create mindshare for sht natural gas and to try to bail out bs natural gas behind the scenes. Around that time there were Mid West banks folding over the fraudlent economics of NG (it will never ever be remotely competitive- its pure corruption that allows it to be sold) and Deutch Bank was in trouble with the same fossil fuel NG derivatives creating fears that the whole system would be imploded again over useless financial hostage taking petrol derivatives. And in the interim the system has only been made worse- because they didn't address the fossil fuel hostage taking last time. So was that the behind the scenes justification for what happened at Aliso Viejo in LA?

    Well now there is this claim that PG&E owes 35 billion dollars over the CA wild fires (86 purported deaths) and once again it is seeking to raise rates on its 40 percent of Californians by an amount equal to the average person's gasoline purchase for full year- that would be the costs the private non contributing owners are seeking to offload on the public- what exactly were they paid for in the last 3 scandals and yet were able to year after year get a guaranteed 10% of rate payer bills for their pockets?
    You start to see how incredibly stupid the Ronald Coase model of guaranteed private parasite engorgement is. This amount would be equal to a year's worth of the average Californian's expenditure of gasoline for personal transport for 40% of the people in the state! That bs would ripple to the rest of the state rate payers. At the same time CA just passed a stupid law that made it easier for parasite fossil fuel utility investors to pass this cost onto rate payers when it should have pushed private utility investing out and went to much cheaper and better Hotelling cooperative models used the rural US. This crap came after messing with net metering and no prosecutions for the NG frauds against solar and net metering in Nevada- the solar sink in the nation. At the same time PG&E is not divesting its idiotic natural gas business when this is most of proximate cause tie through inverse condemnation- there is nothing inverse about it- it should be strengthened not weakened as the dumb CA law just did. Once these rates go up they aren't going back down easily. Also, they weakened net metering on stupid arguments about people being left behind- that's called competition, the state could just cap rates and force the non-competing investors to absorb their just desert losses because after all you have to be an idiot to invest in fossil fuels or stay vested in them and should be facing prosecution not profits for having done so. But in the mean time Trumps says -60 degree weather over most of the country is proof there is no fossil fuel induced climate change because it doesn't look like warming to him. Maybe he is right source of these particular tragedies, maybe this was HAARP used to drive up NG heating costs and also HAARP use to create fires and drive up the costs of EV recharging to protect gasoline and NG in CA?

    Even as there has been some change at PG&E why should it be allowed to try to destroy EVs for CA in a way that keeps private investors intact- or maybe some on its inside and outside are trying to punish it for green overtures and get the record sized battery plant its partnering with Tesla on cancelled? What private investment led to in the past was Enron and Alisa Viejo. PG&E should be force converted into a special kind of public benefit company (investor divested)) that can also be taxed on revenues. That way we can jail their execs if they don't act in the public interest by completely divesting fossil fuels but also keep them from pulling a Kaiser. If you look at scams like Kaiser they are for-profit in all but name and should be taxed to pieces but aren't, that needs to change as does the exec compensation. continued in next post
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    What we also need are rock solid disconnect agreements. If you build home battery solar system to cover 100% where the grid will only be needed as back up you need to be free, you should not be paying more than $5 a month for a grid connect with that set to go to 0 and none of it should be going to profit. And for sure we should not have to power the grid when the power goes out. We also need to watch this reverse power schemes from EVs, these are another scam. If they want to address the duck curve they can build their own onsite batteries not profit from addressing cost shifting onto consumers- their virtual micro grids are not moving in the direction of cord cutting but in the direction of telco scams to limit minutes an not pay flat rates with guaranteed bandwidth, allowing them tiering or discrimination (like paid prioritization) is the same kind of scam it is in insurance industry- its a something for nothing rate jacker .

    This idea that investors that invest in fossil fuels should get government profit protection, subsidies and local monopoly status must end immediately! The public needs to be told what a pile of economic crap this fossil fuel industry is especially the NG part- worse than coal- pollutes drinking water, causes earthquakes and gas leaks, force people off their land and causes abuses of eminent domain and erosion of law, and can't ever deliver economically and causes unprecedented corruption the public needs to become aware of what it has stolen from them. PG&E should be facing what Exxon is and it needs to go onto the investors and executives above all. They need unlimited liability criminal and civil.

    A German judge recently suggested finding ways to prosecute German politicians that didn't uphold climate laws. That is dangerous ground but worth it in cases like this. What the CA legislature did in trying to make it easier for PG&E to wiggle free by weakening the reverse indemnification (its a strict liability self-insurance) appears to be a treasonous betrayal of its citizens. What Blue Mountain was pushing where people die and only its money is supposed to count and lobbying that only a duty existed to its money and all that bs- that should be in my opinion seen as a conspiracy and pursued. These companies think they have some sort of right to rent seek with zero liability- that is so wrong its unthinkable, in my mind they already have unlimited liability and it is only a matter of time before public outrage makes this fully recognized in law. The fossil fuel industry will absorb the full cost of the damage its done, in large part because it (the fossil fuel industry) has been unnecessary for 70 years and only corruption kept it around.

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