Main issues of EVs?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Nepotu, Mar 26, 2019.

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  1. Nepotu

    Nepotu New Member

    Hi all,
    I am new in EV world and I just found this nice forum. I would like to know more about it and buy an electric car in the future short time period. So I decided to write this post and ask to you, users of EVs or technicians, what are the daily issues of an EV owner. How does life change? How do you face with charging you battery? And all about what concerns with a lifestyle point of view main issues and critical situations. I want to be prepared to everything. Thank you in advance if you would be so kind to share with me your experiences and opinions.

    PS sorry for my english
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  3. Sans Ice

    Sans Ice New Member

    Life change - never going to a gas station again. Charging - overnight in your garage - I own 2 and have absolutely no regrets.
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  4. Nepotu

    Nepotu New Member

    Hi Sans Ice and thanks for your reply. Do you have also some advises about dealing with long trips?
  5. Thevenin

    Thevenin Member

    I own a Honda Clarity, which is only half electric, but I still get most of the EV experience. I don't know how much you already know, so I'll start at the beginning.

    Electric vehicles have gotten good in the last few years. Even the cheap ones are fast, quiet, and powerful.

    Plugging in at home is much cheaper and more convenient than going to a gas station. I never realized how much of a chore it was to stop at a gas station until I didn't have to anymore.

    There are four speeds ("levels") of charging, and each has its strengths.
    • Level 1 charging: Level 1 charging provides 3-4 miles for each hour you plug in. This uses a normal 120V outlet. Level 1 charging is best for charging overnight.
    • Level 2 charging: Level 2 charging provides 20-30 miles for each hour you plug in. This uses a 240V outlet (like a clothes dryer or electric stove). You can buy your own Level 2 charger, but many hotels, restaurants, and parking garages have them too. Level 2 charging is best for topping off the battery while you shop or eat.
    • Level 3 charging: Level 3 charging provides 200-300 miles for each hour you plug in. This is very high voltage, so you can't have one at home. Level 3 charging is best for refilling your battery from 10% charge to 80% charge on long road trips. My favorite place to find Level 3 and Level 2 charging stations is
    • Level 4 charging: Level 4 charging provides 450-1000 miles for each hour you plug in. The only company with Level 4 chargers right now is Tesla.
    For more detailed information on charging, check out these sites:

    How much range you can get out of an EV depends on how you drive it. When it is cold outside, electric cars don't run as far. Unlike gasoline engines, they don't generate much heat, so they have trouble keeping themselves warm. Also, electric cars won't run as far at highway speeds.

    For daily use, range doesn't matter much, but on road trips, you'll need to plan ahead and find Level 3 chargers along your route that are close enough together that you can make the trip without running out. The distance between chargers should usually be about 60% of your EPA-rated range. If you think you'll need a lot of time to charge during the trip, try charging during meals.

    I recommend using to help plan your road trips. It automatically accounts for speed and altitude, and if you click "Show Settings," then click "Show More Settings," you can enter the temperature, too.
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  6. larrenz

    larrenz Member

    No major issues/cons, though public charging stations are quite limited.
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  8. gooki

    gooki Well-Known Member

    Buy a Tesla and not worry about it. This assumes you live in one of the markets Tesla has good supercharger cover.

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