Mach-e buying experience

Discussion in 'Mustang Mach-E' started by ashe, Apr 9, 2021.

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  1. ashe

    ashe New Member

    Way to suck the fun out of buying a new car, Ford!!! I have had a horrible buying experience and would love to hear whether this is typical:
    • Wanted to buy an electric car this year and got interested in the Mach-e. The first dealer I went to knew nothing about the car and expressed no desire to sell me the car. Did give me the keys to test drive it-- so there's something...
    • Next dealer I visited (to see it in a different color) was very engaged, followed up, but when I asked how I know what the actual price I am paying when ordering from the website, told me there was a $10K surcharge.
    • Eventually ordered it from the website (specified the first dealer, who told me there was no surcharge) and put the deposit on my CC..... and I received no communication for 2 days-- no "Congratulations on your purchase...", no confirmation that there was a receipt of $1000-- what you'd typically get if you ordered a $5 item on any website!
    • Then, i get an email that says "Unfortunately, the new Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle you inquired about has been sold. However, we have a large selection of new vehicles. Visit our website to shop our current inventory. When is the best time for you to review your needs and test drive a few vehicles?" What the heck?? and zero data integration to know that I have already been in and test driven the car!!
    • The dealer sorted this out, without explanation btw, but still no information about who to follow up with, tracking the order, basically -0- customer service.
    • Then yesterday, got a call from the second dealer who told me they made a mistake and there's no surcharge (I know Ford has responded to Twitter complaints about this). Then later got an email from another person at the same dealer who said there's a $2700 surcharge on the Premium--!!
    If Ford wants to compete in the modern world with companies like Tesla, and let's face it, Amazon-- whom every company is competing with at some level-- they have got to address customer experience. I had to convince my husband to buy the Mustang. He wanted the Tesla. I had to pay an additional $7500 for the car (including a $2500 state rebate I'm losing because the MSRP is >$50K) to get closer to parity with Tesla's range. And the Tesla showroom experience was fantastic-- they ended up giving me the car overnight and the guy was normal-- not a sad, broken down guy manning a desk until he can retire and not a shark in a suit. But mostly, I am just disappointed because I was so excited about buying this car and this whole experience has taken the fun out of it.
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    FISHEV Member

    Wow! Where was that. In US, had to mask up and they drive with you. I thought insurance required it?

    And then you get that unusual circumstance, sheesh...a lot of bad luck. Ford asks you to report the dealers asking for surcharges.

    And more...OMG...everybody else was getting an almost immediate email acknowledgement.

    If you put a deposit down, that's on a car on order with Ford. Sounds like you had some kind of deal going directly with the dealer which is a bit different.
  4. ashe

    ashe New Member

    I'm in MA-- have been test driving cars for the last few months and the sales people don't go with you here-- at least right now. And when you place an order on the Ford website, you have to specify a dealer-- at least if you say you live in MA. No way around it. I think the the message from the dealer was a mistake, but now you've got me thinking and I am going to try to find someone to talk to get another confirmation. What kind of email acknowledgement are people getting-- from Ford or from the dealer??
  5. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    From CT - We test drove the Mach e a few days ago, dealer didn't go with us either. Shortly after I ordered online Ford sent two immediate emails acknowledging my account sign-up, then a congratulatory response to my online order. My only criticism with the dealer is their ignorance of EV's because they're so new to them. I knew far more about the car than they did because I read the manual online and researched a lot. Same story with the Kona EV I'm leasing. I know salespeople have a lot of idle time, they should use it to do the same research.

    The dealer confirmed the accepted price is the same as the MSRP, no mention of any surcharge, and the deposit was $500. The order is placed online with Ford, and the deposit should be the same for everyone.

    Side note, I also test drove a Tesla M3 a year ago, and while the showroom associates were very knowledgeable and personable, they're not a dealer. CT has a strong dealers lobby and they're so far successful in not allowing Tesla sales in state. We have to drive hours to Mt. Kisco NY to take delivery, and Covid just made that impossible. The Ford dealer is right in town, the sales staff is very courteous and the Mach e still qualifies for the $7500 incentive. From what I've read the Mach e is also better built. Unlike Tesla, Ford's been building cars for a long time.

    Sorry for your bad experience. Having said that, I'm just beginning mine, so we'll see how it goes.
  6. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    Getting the keys and test driving on your own is the norm. The only time I ever had a sales person in the passenger seat was an Audi. We passed on the purchase at that dealer because of that.

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  8. GringoViejo

    GringoViejo New Member

  9. GringoViejo

    GringoViejo New Member

    These are all good arguments in favor of Tesla and against Ford, or maybe against conventional dealerships in general. My own experience buying a Model 3 was completely painless and, FWIW, I expect to buy a Model Y (to replace my 10-year-old RAV4) if/when the new Biden infrastructure bill becomes law, restoring the incentives for Tesla and GM EVs.

    In all fairness, I haven't shopped the Mach-e, but I also have no desire to deal with dealers ever again. In the case of my September 2013 Model 3, there have been no problems ever except a temporary Bluetooth disconnect when I got a new phone. It still blows my mind every time I go anywhere, and it's the most basic model they make (Standard Range Plus). The blogs suggest that the Model Y manufacturing QA problems have been resolved, although I can't verify that.

    Of course, YMMV. Good luck whatever you decide.
  10. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    You may have a painless story to tell with your M3, but my experience was the opposite. Since last Spring my order was postponed three times, and three times I had to cancel arrangements (CT doesn't allow Tesla sales so I had to arrange for transportation to Mt. Kisco NY, during covid). The last time I had my son take a day off from his job in NYC to drive home to pick me up a take me for the delivery. Just before we left, Tesla sales called to say the car was no longer there and wanted to rearrange another order. I refused. Later I found out my car was there but they sold it to a walk in with cash. That's the last I'll ever deal with Tesla.
  11. GringoViejo

    GringoViejo New Member

    Sorry to hear about it. I live 20 minutes the factory and they delivered it to my house. Also, for September 2013 above, read September 2019.
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  13. The traditional car dealer experience is sucky. It only exists because of whacky laws in the US forcing cars to be sold o this bizarre way that tremendously disadvantages the buyer. Nearly every dealer hides behind clouds of obfuscation about their cost and what you are really paying. The don't really competing with each other, and are sort of a local monopoly if you want a particular make, unless you are willing to travel far to buy ***. Every dealer is an independent business with a semi-franchise license from the manufacturer with little in the way of customer experience standards. The only say the customer has in this is a survey from some manufacturers after purchase costing them some incentives if they get lousy they can just mark stuff up further.

    I went a car dealer about 17 years ago, knowing the car I wanted (a preowned diesel Jetta) researched the fair price, made that offer and got the "well, let me talk to my manager" shtick where they let me sit there for like 15 minutes while they probably just schmoozed in the back office. Came back a good 18% above the fair price, (down from maybe 20%). I again insisted, another wait, longer this time, and another 1% off. I walked out and purchased the same car from a private owner in Arizona at the price I wanted. The original dealer calls me back a week or so later saying "ok we will meet your price." TOO LATE.

    I won't bother with the details of my Kia Niro purchase, but both a Hyundai and a few Kia dealers disappointed me in various ways. They are all a bunch of deceptive shysters.

    See what I mean? smh
  14. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    I actually prefer the traditional car buying experience. There is absolutely no reason to pay what everyone else does.

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  15. MaryP

    MaryP New Member

    Why is there no reason to pay what everyone else does? If the price everyone pays were made to be fair, it would be preferable.
  16. Scrannel

    Scrannel New Member

    I guess Ford is struggling to find a way forward with the Mach E that isn't plagued by the Dealer Mandate in many states. The **** will start hitting the fan when everyone slowly realizes how little "service" EVs require, thus shutting off a revenue river to Dealers. I'm sure Ford is getting ready to figure this enigma out.
  17. markystarky

    markystarky New Member

    I was disappointed in my experience at my Ford dealer also. I picked mine up March 12. I've been to them a couple of times and each time I get the impression they are not interested in the Mach-e.

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  18. markystarky

    markystarky New Member

  19. Recoil45

    Recoil45 Active Member

    I'd prefer to pay less and make more than others. It's worked out fantastic for me.

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  20. Roy2001

    Roy2001 Member

    Dealers have little interest to sell EVs. Their profit is mainly from maintenance. With EV, you just need to do tire rotations. Maybe brake fluid every 3+ years.

    Also, recall or warranty work means lower profit for them. So they can only make money from selling new vehicles, and they cannot mark up above MSRP.
  21. Texas Niro EV

    Texas Niro EV Member

    I try to avoid factory orders. Anytime you place a factory order you lose your leverage. I like to buy off of dealer lots where I have more control on the purchase price and I have even had cars shipped in from out of state when I couldn’t get what I wanted locally.

    That being said, I did plop down a $100 for a reservation on a F150 Lightning. There were probably 100,000 reservations before mine so it will be probably two years before I have to worry about haggling on the price. I plan on getting an upper trim level with lots of options so it will be expensive but I will have time to figure out how to pay for it.

    I really like the F150 Lightning and I’m perfectly willing to be patient but if feel like I’m getting jerked around by the dealer I will cancel my order and look somewhere else. One word of advice about buying an electric car or any car for that matter, do your own research. I usually know a lot more about the cars I’m buying than any of the sales people I’m dealing with and that is just something I’ve come to expect.

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  22. ashe

    ashe New Member

    Update: It's been 10 weeks and no change to the status on the website-- my Mach-e is not even scheduled for production. After calling the dealer, calling Ford (they connect you with the "Marketing Department"-- which show you how unprepared they are for this new online ordering system they have created), being directed back to the dealer and finding myself in the middle of a blame game for whose responsible for the horrendous customer experience, the most information I can glean is that Ford is not continuously manufacturing these cars and only starting the production line as the computer chips dribble in and get allocated across all the orders across Ford. So at a minimum, it's another 3 months to an indefinite wait..... so new buyers beware!

    I am the same. I am trying to decide now if I am going to be so pissed-off at Ford (and myself for rewarding such horrible customer experience by sticking with them) that by the time I get the car I can't really enjoy it.....
  23. James W

    James W New Member

    It said it would be at least 16 weeks when I first ordered mine. I'm not planning on looking at where they are at until August or September.
    This has given me time to have my outlet installed and making room in my garage so it will fit. Might even buy the car cover on their website while I'm waiting.
    Is what it is.....
    I'll still be excited to drive it when I get it.

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