Lucid Motors Tech Talk Videos

Discussion in 'Lucid' started by Domenick, May 25, 2023.

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  1. While creating a new brand of electric vehicles with an emphasis on luxury and performance, Lucid has published a number of "Tech Talks" on its YouTube channel, which are meant to educate about various aspects of electric vehicles generally, as well as show why the automaker has made particular choices in its engineering and materials.

    If you have an interest in electric vehicles, I can not recommend these enough as a way to really understand modern electric vehicle architecture. So, to help, we're collecting these videos in a single thread for your convenience and maybe spark discussion around some of Lucid's implementation of the tech.

    CEO Peter Rawlinson kicked off the series with an incredibly informative talk about batteries and packs, and that's where we begin.

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  3. Charging and the Wunderbox

  4. Drive Unit: Motor

  5. Inverter


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