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Discussion in 'Air' started by 101101, Aug 12, 2020.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    So EPA supposedly found or a lab found 517 miles for a cars still a ways away from launch. Prior to that Tesla caught EPA trying to mess with its Model S range rating of 402. And the FUD articles started coming out about Model Y not having the range the EPA said. Does the paid BS never end?

    Lucid "Air"
    Not on the market yet. Will come out when Tesla Roadster comes out where everyone one of its announced stats (save for interior space and storage) will be eclipsed by a large margin by a similarly priced car which had its stats announced a couple of years ago. Really the Lucid as a car is really more of cyber a truck competitor on actual range and speed and maybe handling- top speed for Lucid is a bit more than for the CT but you could buy 2-3 top spec CTs for the price.

    But the big issues with Lucid are these. Name is ridiculous Lucifer Air Jordans
    - its super cliche. Its ugh! Then it has some vacuum cleaner angles a bit frumpy a bit like the dated Olds Aurora. And it has a steering wheel from a pacer (what is up with that?) and it has a Saturn 300-Robocop-Cylon front end. A little bit of old Lincoln Mark 8 on the side suck and the hind quarter panels off a Mazda 3 series. Its a Platypus, does that speak to super low cd numbers? Interesting panoramic glass concept though. Interesting seats and interesting design in the back. Maybe it should be called the Lucid Roomba. Company has interesting pedigree maybe it will be acquired?

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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Other thread on Lucid having an honesty problem got deleted- a lot of their initial claims have been dialed way down. Also that Apple Johnathan Ivy kitsche stuff ick. And trying to copy power wall and power pak and Tesla v2g and possible V2V. But noticed since Air also has the dash cluster from the Lyric and the same dial display. They so wanted to be acquired by GM.
    With the fugly and out of touch hype or sense of what they've done and where they're at and with Musk sort of right sizing Rawlinson's role on the Model S and the selection of a factory cite right next to Nikola in AZ- I don't think they hold water and I also see some Taycan sized attempts at overstatement even their actual claims aren't even that grand.
    I hope GM isn't allowed to as some have suggested shell company these firms for 11% ownership stake in say Lucid or also the Nikola scam to get at another $7500 in tax credits ×200,000 because it ran out its credits on the compliance Bolt and to run its can kicking narrative. So here it could access the credits under these shell names then buy these firms later once the credits and their multiples of manufacturer credits have been absorbed if it GM isn't bankrupt first. GM needs to be told no on this. On the other hand I hope GM has to start selling emissions credits to Tesla.

    Gates carrying water for Nikola and the badger looking like a Chevy Colorado and this Air thing looking like a Xpeng P7 crossed with a Oldsmobile Aurora and them both being in GM's dream of a right to work state Arizona just seems like more engineered pr bs like Cruz which is just Waymo. I think that is what the supposed Honda GM partnership is about is both Honda and GM have given into rebranding Google Waymo and Android for and want to cover tracks on that by saying it was result of a partnership when it was raw out sourcing.

    Gate carrying water for Nikola by putting down the Tesla Semi (without naming it) to prop hydrogen right before the Buffet invested GM tried to prop the Nikola hydrogen scam is all about natural gas. The Nikola was originally supposed to use natural gas cells. But the just ponzi natural gas through the hydrogen buzzword now. Enron bankruptcy and scandal- Nikola scandal and likely bankruptcy-PG&E 2nd scandal and 2nd bankruptcy and GM bankruptcy and 2nd bankruptcy trajectory a Hillary and her natural gas focus and Gates constantly shilling for Naturals gas and Buffet investing in GM its all just the natural gas ponzi and trying to kick its can down the road.

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