Lucid Air has a range of 517 miles

Discussion in 'Air' started by Domenick, Aug 11, 2020.

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  1. The Lucid Air is officially making its debut September 9, but today they let us have an idea what kind of range it will get: 517 miles.

    Impressive, right? I think so. And I also think that Lucid needed a nice dramatic number like this. It's a new luxury brand with zero history and zero cache -- that's something it has to build. You can't build anything on a mediocre product, so this car is extremely important for the company and it has to have a technological edge on the competition.

    Oh, it should be noted here that the range number was the result of testing by FEV North America using the EPA's Multi-cycle Test Procedure (SAE J1634 Oct 2012 Standard).

    Now, we don't know how big the battery is, so we can't say if it is actually more efficient than the latest Model S, but I don't know if that truly matters as much as the headline number.
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  3. More details of the FEV range test here including a real road test comparing Air with Tesla S LR+ and Porsche Taycan Turbo S in a convoy @ 70 mph.:)
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  4. So, not long after this news broke, we learned that Bloomberg reporter Edward Ludlow got got go on a ride-along range test in the Lucid Air, while it was paced by a Model S Long Range and a Porsche Taycan Turbo S. The results were pretty interesting.

    Driving a mixture of city and highway, the Taycan ran out of juice first. It bettered its EPA rating of 192 miles, coming to a halt a 236 miles. Next, the Tesla Model S made it to the 355-mile mark, which is somewhat short of its 402-miles EPA rating. Finally, the Lucid Air kept rolling until it reached 455 miles, also short of its test results that should be pretty close (if not the same) to its EPA figure.

    So, yeah, 455 miles in the real world. That's useful for long trips or for those who can't plug in at their residence and need to use public charging. The thing is, though, I suspect most of the Lucid Air buyers will be in a pretty high income bracket. They are likely to have houses with garages to charge, so that's not an issue and, they are likely to just fly to locations a few hundred miles away rather than drive. That doesn't mean all this range is useless for their use cases, though. Think of it from a luxury angle: owners can be confident they will have more than enough charge to do whatever they want. Not a hint of range anxiety, which is, arguably, a luxury.
  5. Motor Trend was also along for that 450-mile Lucid range test. They have an article with all the details, as well as a nice video, which you can watch below.

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  7. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Its not that impressive given when it will be launching and the 170k price. Lest that the range announced for a Cybertruck on its tests. And Lucids test of Model S is not going to be credible.

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