Lucid Air fast charges at over 300 kW

Discussion in 'Air' started by Domenick, Aug 20, 2020.

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  1. A lot of great numbers keeping coming out about the Lucid Air and the latest is its charging speed. It apparently will be able to fast-charge at over 300 kW. This puts it at the head of the class at the moment. The Porsche Taycan was supposed to be able to take 350 kW, but when it finally hit the highways, it seems to top out at 270 kW.

    Combined with over 500 miles of range, the Lucid Air should be able to set a new Cannonball record pretty easily. Of course, that's not important to anyone really, but in more practical terms, it means drivers can get hours of driving time in just a few minutes: like 300 miles in 20 minutes.

    The Lucid website has all the details in this post on their site.

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