Lucid Air embarrasses Tesla Model S Performance on the drag strip

Discussion in 'Air' started by Domenick, Aug 20, 2020.

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  1. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    A clip of a drag race featuring the Lucid Air and what I understand is a recent Raven Tesla Model S Performance appears to show this standard bearer of electric performance getting embarrassed.

    It doesn't show any times or anything, but it seems pretty clear that the Lucid beats it quite handily. I expect a more polished video of this race (or this match-up, at least) will show up sometime soon. If it doesn't happen before September 9, the date of the Air's official debut, then we should at least likely learn the official quarter-mile time, which will tell us how badly a beat down the Tesla gets.

    Anyway, it all bodes well for the launch of Lucid and electric vehicles generally. This is the kind of competition that spurs them all to improve.
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  3. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    More BS- why print crap like this?
    Lucid for its $170K unit said 235mph top end. Now its saying 163 or 165mph. What happened? It said 9.9 seconds quarter mile- or only a second slower than the base Tesla roadster than the similarly priced Tesla Roadster. But now Lucid is Taycan slow at 2.5 seconds 0-60 when the Model S Raven with Cheeta mode is 2.3 seconds 0-60.
    Also note top Lucid for about 2x the price has about the same claimed HP as the Raven but launching in the Plaid's time frame. Tesla demonstrated a Roadster thumping the top Lucid's times a couple years ago. People had the phone app doing the tracking and even the the 620 miles range from a couple years ago trounces Ravens.

    Seems pretty clear that at launch time right down to charging speeds Lucid will get thumped by Teslas offerings it just wants to get its stuff out prior to Tesla's battery day because after it none of it will hold water and Lucid will lose its acquisition hype. I see a connection to GM, GM has tried 2x now to upstage Tesla's battery day and fallen flat both timex.
    Are Lucid and Nikola just shells GM can acquire in its ponzi can kicking game? Were the GM plays from the start?

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