Low Power/Power down Warning Light

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by BMKoNa, May 21, 2020.

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  1. BMKoNa

    BMKoNa New Member

    Hi All,
    2019 Kona EV limited. 1 year old. About 11k miles.
    Since getting the electric water pump recall replacement, I have been getting the turtle "low power" warning light occasionally.
    Battery has not been low on these occasions. Several times have been on an incline.
    The light will come on and the car will be unable to accelerate. Somewhat concerning when on the highway.
    Once I slow down or come to a stop, it goes away.

    Anyone with ideas or experienced this?
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  3. Here's the text from the first coolant pump incident reported on FB. This was May 2019, the TBS was issued Nov 2019. As a side note, there are two of these pumps in the Kona.

    "So far my Kona EV experience has been a disappointment. I splurged on the Ultimate and finally got it from my local dealer on Friday afternoon. I didn't make it the 10 mile trip home before I ran into problems. Occasionally the vehicle would lose power like I was coasting to a stop, no response from the accelerator pedal (as cars around me are honking and blowing by me) and then all of a sudden it comes back and surges ahead. After a couple of those events I got the EV! warning light. I did manage to get the 10 miles home and then got a message on the infotainment display that a possible condition has occurred and I need to bring it back for service.
    First service opportunity was this morning. Looks like the coolant pump failed and flooded the wiring harness with coolant.

    Good news to add to the story. The good news is the replacement pump was a success. They packed some dielectric grease into the wiring harness and ran it through a diagnostic cycle. Everything checked out so they released the car to me..."​
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  4. Good find! Hopefully they changed the harness after replacing the pump as required in the TSB .

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