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Discussion in 'General' started by Edmy Jose Sanchez, Oct 6, 2018.

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  1. Edmy Jose Sanchez

    Edmy Jose Sanchez New Member

    Hello friends, I went through here looking for advice and exchange ideas, since 2013 I am researching and developing an electric vehicle, I have everything designed, well at least I have everything on paper, the execution to raise funds has been difficult to not say impossible and I live in Venezuela and I have not achieved any possible support, I know how Tesla had to feel. well later I will leave some links to the documents of the vehicle that I want to develop.

    A brief review that I can tell you, and I want to know your opinion or criticize about it, the sedan type vehicle will have an autonomy of 1000km. What is the new thing that it will have? It will have the capacity to generate energy both in motion and parked, it can generate energy absorbing the irregularities of the earth by means of the suspension, it can interact with both the sound waves and the electromagnetic waves and thereby generate energy just listening to the environment or receiving the waves wifi or a few simple radio waves.

    On the other hand, at the time when I began to develop the idea there were no clear investigations on batteries made with graphene and aluminum, and at the moment there are and I could not get funds at that time because everyone told me that it was unreal and loser of time trying to develop a battery of those. Well that type of battery that I want to develop has the benefits of being safe, does not suffer from explosion or overheating, has the ability to store large amounts of energy x10 more times than current, are not polluting, its load is extremely fast, it is totally flexible and occupies less space, weighs less, with that the battery could be housed inside the body and would be to gain more physical space inside the vehicle.

    Other development that I wanted to implement is electromagnetic brakes, is another development that they said impossible because they thought it could generate some kind of damage or disease in the body, apart from that they told me that any piece of iron would shoot to stick on the brake, hahahaha. Well I tell you a little more, these brakes that would be covered in mumetal, would increase the security for both the pedestrian and the vehicle, its braking action would be more effective and efficient, since it would automatically be calculated depending on many factors that the computer would take in Consideration, such as the type of terrain, type of climate, information that would detect automatically through its sensors to apply the appropriate type of braking, and the fading effect of the brakes would be eliminated completely, the electromagnetic brake would be transformed into a electric generator when the brake is not used, with this I mean, that the same brake system would regenerate the energy used, another advantage is that the complexity of the current braking system is totally eliminated, no longer suffering from brake-league boats, or that the pump is damaged, or the short-term maintenance of change brake pads and discs or calipers.

    and most are modifications to existing developments that improves the generation of energy that they have not contemplated.

    also a system of smart electric rear-view mirrors will be developed that would supplant the current ones, the mirrors would not be left at the sides, simply they would not be noticed where they are, improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle, developing smaller LIDAR sensors, more effective and static. among other capabilities.

    Once someone told me the following, "if you want to create your car, do it in parts, start with it smaller and cheaper to create and once created you use it to create the next part until you create the entire car."

    If you have any questions that I can clarify I will be at your service, I would like some idea to carry it out, I plan to launch an Indiegogo campaign to make intelligent rearview mirrors and thus be able to launch my startup, which can create good rewards for those who completely support that campaign.

    If you have another idea or another way that I can get that financing, I will be open to your ideas, believe me I have tried many means. and I still see how they develop elsewhere and I still in the same place. I want to thank all of you who took some time to read my post, I was totally grateful with your comments


    Electromagnetic Brakes

    Dont know if I can share my facebook grouo and twitter link in here
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  3. interestedinEV

    interestedinEV Well-Known Member

    I do not know about all your saying, but there are others with similar ideas and are already working on it

    Take what you call intelligent rear view mirrors. I just googled it



    Audi, Nissan, BMW all are working on replacing the old rear view mirror. It is not the technology, it is governmental mandates that the manufacturers are dealing with now, US law requires rear view mirrors and manufacturers are trying to get that changed.

    Similarly I googled electromagnetic brakes in cars


    There are so many results and I will not pretend that I read them.

    So I do not think your ideas are off base, others are also thinking of it and some of them have deep pockets. You either have to have a better product or a ton of patents to get your idea of the ground.
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