Livestream Hummer EV SUV debut today

Discussion in 'HUMMER EV' started by electriceddy, Apr 3, 2021.

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  1. 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific Time 4.3.21 ... here is the link:

    Looking forward to this one, hopefully lots of details:).
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  3. This is what we get, less than hoped for but a good crab walk demo and a few other tidbits ( suspension raising, auto rear wheel steering, dash screen shots @0:36 and 0:54):

    another video with more details (100 mile charging in 10 minutes, 17-18 camera views - model dependent, underbody armor, open air design) :

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  4. turtleturtle

    turtleturtle Active Member

    Crab walk. My favorite part.
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  5. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    Our debut post has lots of the initial details. I'll drop a handy chart with all the trims with prices and features.


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  6. Domenick

    Domenick Administrator Staff Member

    They followed the debut up Monday with even more details, a raft more images and a handful of short videos showing off some of the features. Apparently, too, Edition 1 is already sold out.

    My favorite video was probably this one showing how the short overhangs, short wheelbase and Extract Mode -- 6-inch raise -- help you off-road.

    I feel the big news was probably the trail navigation amps. Those will on on an app, but can be projected to the vehicle's screen as well.

    This video was pretty cool, showing off the construction of it.
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