List of 240V Compatible Vehicles - Cut Level 1 EVSE Charging Time in 1/2

Discussion in 'General' started by EVDoctor 4Earth, Feb 9, 2020.

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  1. EVDoctor 4Earth

    EVDoctor 4Earth New Member

    If you are budget minded you can double the speed of many level 1 EVSE Chargers with a low cost 240V Adapter (EVDOUBLER).

    Check this list of 240V compatible vehicles.

    If you vehicle is not compatible you can get a package deal of an upgrade and an EVDOUBLER

    Check here for the- A 240V outlet is optional.

    If you are on a tight budget build it yourself-

    If you want more info-

    If you have a hard question call us. We love to help EV Drivers.
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  3. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    We've had discussions here about how many "level 1" bump-in-the-cord EVSEs
    are inherently 240V compatible, in fact... you probably know that. Throwing
    together an adapter out of Home Depot parts isn't hard, but it's nice that
    there's a market into the folks who don't feel comfortable doing that.

    Have you considered a product to enable safe testing/verification of
    an unknown unit, for people with new ones you haven't seen yet?
    What do you do to test them "gently", the series-load lightbulb trick?

    I would advise against reliance on URL "shorteners" like bitly. There's no
    harm in using real links to your site. In a post, you can use the [url=...] bbcode
    construct to embed your link in regular text, like I did above. Some browser
    filtering setups don't even permit connections to the shorteners, because
    of security risks -- you don't control those resources, anything could happen.

  4. EVDoctor 4Earth

    EVDoctor 4Earth New Member

    Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

    Re a Safe Tester of unknown EV Chargers. Unfortunately the lightbulb test is not fool proof. You really have to open the charger and examine the components. eg. The LEAF charger appears to operate at 240V but the main storage capacitor really needs to be 400V (it is only 250V) because the working voltage goes up to 320V when you operate at 240V. We recommend an upgrade for the LEAF charger

    Re. Bitly - I will look into using the direct URLs but the Bitly links are handy for a number of reasons. You can always resolve a bitly by adding a + on the end ie. Most of the bitly problems were resolved several years ago.
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  5. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately some of the EVSEs seem to be "permanently" glued
    together [like my Yura] so an internal look basically destroys the case.
    Obviously worthwhile "for science" when needed, though!

  6. EVDoctor 4Earth

    EVDoctor 4Earth New Member

    We have been successful at opening most cases and then putting them together with some epoxy. See the photos of the voltec's in the repair library
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  8. papab

    papab Member

    bitly links may be handy for you, but I'd rather see a real link and I am not inclined to click on a bitly link. Keep it straightforward.
  9. EVDoctor 4Earth

    EVDoctor 4Earth New Member

    We Use because it works in printed documents and it is descriptive. If you want to see the actual URL just put a + on the end. click on this to see how it works.
  10. hobbit

    hobbit Well-Known Member

    You're missing the point ... you still have to go through bitly to resolve
    that. Still a non-starter, sorry. URL destinations aren't ungainly when
    you embed them in sensible text links.

    What's your experience with GFI 120V outlets, btw? I'd expect them
    to trip immediately on a "combiner", but buyers may not realize what
    the problem is, especially if it's a GFI breaker and not at the outlet.

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  11. EVDoctor 4Earth

    EVDoctor 4Earth New Member

    re GFCI Outlets - The are fine for most EVSE's

    They are not compatible with our EVDOUBLER-120. Click here for installation instructions

    If the GFCI pops then it is very clear that the outlet is on a GFCI.
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