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Discussion in 'Clarity' started by jdonalds, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    We are so pleased with the Clarity PHEV. Kudos to Honda for designing a great car.
    It is interesting that with all of the posts here on InsideEVs there seems to be only one problem reported, that being the Sirius radio is disabled after the car executes a Remote Climate process. I guess the other thing that has had several comments is the inaccuracy of the battery charge gauge on the left side of the driver gauge console.

    Both my wife and I say this is be best car we've ever owned. I don't understand why Honda needs the Accord line anymore. Just combine the best features of both for the next model.

    I thought it would be interesting to start a thread with Likes, Things I wish were different, and Dislikes.

    Well this category overwhelms the others. The car has a lot to like.
    - 47 miles of EV range is more than perfect for us
    - 2.5 hours charge on Level 2. Quick enough almost not to notice when charged at home after a partial discharge.
    - Decent 42 mpg on the ICE when on long trips. A step down from the 50 mpg Prius but we won't use the ICE very often so on average our gas mileage is superb. We will go for weeks without using a drop of gas.
    - Overall looks. We like the looks of the crimson Clarity.
    - Interior looks. This car is elegant, simple but full featured.
    - Very comfortable seats
    - Honda Sense features, especially ACC
    - Brake Hold. Now that I'm trying it I like it. I'm afraid I'll miss it when I drive the 4Runner.
    - Gauges. I finally got away from the much disliked (to me) centered gauges of the Prius. Also the gauges are bright, colorful, and easy to read. I often had a hard time reading the 2015 Prius gauges.
    - User customizable center 8" screen layout
    - Many user customization for the car features (window, key, etc behaviors)
    - Garmin GPS/Maps. We've used Garmin for many years so this was positive for us.
    - My wife made positive comments about the leather wrapped steering wheel.
    - Numerous options for audio, maps, Android Auto, and more. I use a thumb drive with all of our music.
    - Power driver and front passenger seats.
    - Heated seats: This sold my wife on the car. Forget all the other features.
    - Automatic two driver power seats. This is why we selected the Touring model.
    - 4 window auto up/down
    - Tire pressure sensors.
    - Smooth ride.
    - Good cornering
    - Good acceleration
    - Unbelievably quiet interior even at freeway speeds. This continues to astound us. It makes the car more comfortable, easier on the body on long trips, and gives it a more top tier elegant ride. Just Wonderful
    - Charge port near the driver's door where I think it should be. Get out of the car and plug in without walking around to the other side. In front might have been good too if it could be hidden.
    - Can open all four windows from the key fog.
    - Remote Climate start. This has got to be a really good feature with our over 100 degree summers.
    - I'm sure there are more positives. The car is great.
    - Sun visors that slide to cover the rear of the driver's window. This should be a federal regulation!
    - This car lacks all of the clicks, hums, and buzzes of the Prius. It's quiet.
    - This car lacks the high revving ICE sound of the Prius when accelerating. It's smooth.
    - I sense no transitions from regen to physical brakes.
    - I sense no transitions when the ICE kicks on or off.
    - After becoming familiar with the steering wheel controls I like them.

    Things I wish were different:
    - Lack of storage and little cubby holes.
    - No rear window wiper. We haven't had a car without one for a couple of decades. We do use them.
    - I would prefer carpets that match the tan seat color. The black gets dirty too easily.
    - Cargo space in the Prius was superior. I wish the Clarity was a hatchback with more cargo space. Cargo space was a major decision maker for us when searching for a PHEV.
    - Fold down rear seats. Really are more of a pass-through. I don't know if they will be very useful. We haven't used them yet. We've put things in the rear seats when the trunk had insufficient space. We haven't folded down the seats yet. In the Prius this would have been a no-brainer.
    - Voice controls could be better. A bit more Google like and not so limited.
    - I wish you could also close all four windows from the key fob.
    - I wish the Remote Climate didn't try to be so smart and not turn on if it isn't cold enough. I want to make that decision myself.
    - I wish the Lane Keep Assist was more capable of controlling the car around curves. It gives up way too soon and would easily run me off the road.
    - I wish the 8" screen reaction time was quicker in some instances. For example when I push the Climate button it can take several seconds to switch.
    - While I like the looks of the car washing it took a bit more effort due to the many small body panels and inserts. I'm thinking of how the Tesla is just the opposite. Also with the complex characteristics of the external car a minor accident will be very expensive to repair.
    - I wish the side view mirrors would tilt down when in reverse.
    - I wish the side view mirrors would automatically fold when the car is parked.
    - I wish the rear power outlet was a dual USB charge slot instead of a 12V outlet.
    - I wish the HV and Econ buttons functions were different. One button which would be EV when on (lighted) and HV when off. Econ would be on all the time. Not sure I need Charge mode after testing it. Sport can still be a second button, the only mode where Econ is turned off.

    - I think the shift flying buttress design sucks. I never liked the Prius for the same reason. It takes up way too much room. It could have included some small compartments for coins etc. It could have been designed to be more integrated with the vertical stack and armrest. It looks like a patch. My knees would like to have more space which is taken up by the non-functional wings of the shift design.

    - When a car in front of me stops the ACC waits too long to slow down, then brakes too hard.
    - When restarting after an ACC controlled stop the car builds speed much too slowly.
    - When accelerating after an ACC controlled slow down the car builds speed much too slowly.

    - I'm pretty unhappy with the LED headlights. To me they are not bright enough, and the high beams are quite disappointing. Apparently the LED lights are just the opposite for oncoming traffic. I often have people flash their high beams at me, or just turn on their high beams and leave them on when passing me. The Clarity headlights must look too bright to them.

    Things that are not very important to me:
    - Serius radio
    - Pandora
    - The lane watch display (camera under the passenger side view mirror) is cute but I'm not sure it will help.
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  3. barnesgj

    barnesgj Active Member

    I agree with jdonalds' likes. I also especially like the slow and stop features of the assisted cruise and that the lane keep assist works so much better than the Avalon. The Clarity will make a curve and keep the car centered without going all the way to the edge. The Avalon would go to the very edge and then over correct and go back and over the center lane. I like that the car is fun to drive and seems more responsive so that I don't really want to use the driver assist features as much.
    I miss the auto dimming headlights and rain sensing wipers and really miss the rear cross traffic alert.
    And I also think that this is best car I've ever owned. I've had 2 Priuses and 2 Avalon hybrids and none felt as tight and solid as this one.
    I wish there was a place for a phone that was visible and accessible. But, I like that I can get calls, texts and emails as well as play music and books via bluetooth, so I probably don't need to have direct access to the phone.
  4. jdonalds

    jdonalds Well-Known Member

    This is what we use. It is small and unobtrusive. There are many magnetic mounts on the market. This one is expensive but has strong magnets. It is a Mob Armor MobNetic Magnetic Phone Mount. I found this one on eBay. I like it because you first stick the round metal disk, then the top portion magnetically attaches to that disk. The device has strong magnets on the top and bottom. It has a rubber surface so doesn't scratch. You mount a rectangular metal piece on the phone or case. It can easily be removed, leaving just the disk in place, if you don't want it installed. It holds the phone solidly so it doesn't swivel when you hit a bump.

    Mob Armor on eBay:

    Viva makes a nice one too. On Amazon:



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  5. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    Things I wish the Clarity had:

    - lights on the dash to show it is charging
    - heated steering wheel
    - charging port in the front

    All three of these are on the Leaf and are useful/more convenient to me.
  6. West1

    West1 Member

    Lack of Volume knob.
    Drive mode setting return to factory when turned off.
    Regen mod returns to the lightest setting unless you use sport mode.
    HV charge is limited to 57%.
    Suede interior, will it hold up?
    Back up cam is lower quality than my VW Golf and i3.

    Very Acura or Lexus quality interior.
    Smooth and quite drive experience.

    I would pay for:
    A true hatchback design.
    Heads up display.
    A modest all wheel drive system. Something to provide a slight gain in traction. As small as 5hp electric motor for each rear wheel.
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  8. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    Yes, the absence of the rear cross traffic alert is, IMO, the biggest single omission in the car. I think it's an important enough safety feature that it should be federally mandated.

    We've just had 16" of snow here on L.I., and in our condo they've cleared our driveways, but in the process created mountains of snow adjacent to each driveway. Backing out from our garage becomes a challenge due to the mountains of snow and lack of visibility of the road as you back out. If we had the rear cross traffic alert, by the time our tail was clear of the snow mounds, we'd be alerted to a car's presence.

    Otherwise we love the car. BTW, as a result of the snow, yesterday I was coming out of a shopping area where there is an extremely narrow entry to a main road as the result of permanent pylons. Because of the poor snow removal in that area, I hit the snow & curb on the right rear, creating some nice curb rash on that wheel. I should have realized when I saw the car in front of me do exactly the same thing. Oh well, now in search of wheel repair shops. :(
  9. Ken7

    Ken7 Active Member

    It's interesting, my wife was commenting yesterday how one of the center vents directs air to the right side of the steering wheel, making it almost feel like a heated steering wheel. It really does! The heating effect is limited to the right side of the wheel, but the warmest location is exactly where I place my hands. :)
  10. dstrauss

    dstrauss Well-Known Member

    Did anyone else get the Honda/JD Power Clarity Survey yet? They cover every aspect of the car, and my replies were nearly an exact combination of @jdonalds and @Ken7 above. This is the best car, out of the box (so to speak) that I have ever owned, but for 2020 (don't expect any major changes for 2019) they must:
    • Add cross traffic and side approach radar (like the 2018 Odyssey)
    • Drop the flying bridge and adopt the 2018 Odyssey shifter/dash layout
    • Use the 2018 Accord radio!
    • Offer a hatchback option
    I think jdonalds is on to another good idea - just merge the Accord and Clarity PHEV lines into a series of Accords from ICE to Hybrid to PHEV. Leave the rest of the Clarity line for pure "no tailpipe" travel - PURE EV and FCEV only.
  11. bpratt

    bpratt Active Member

    One thing I really like is the electric heater. Its been fairly cold here in Salt Lake City but the electric heater is blowing hot air about 1/2 block from my house. The only real issue with the heater is the fan starts blowing at a fairly high speed immediately after hitting the start button. I wish it would wait until the heater has warmed up a little.

    I also miss the cross traffic alert like I had on my 2014 Camry Hybrid.
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  13. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    I wish there was an instant graphic display of how much energy was being used. The Tesla has this, and it's a nice feature which doesn't really seem all that high tech. The Clarity has other graphic modes, just not an instant graph - unless I missed it.
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  14. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    The driver's curved bar meter shows real-time instantaneous power (KW power, not KWh energy used). Not sure why they don't give us the instantaneous power number too, e.g. 32 KW, or -12 KW for regen. Also, it seems to be non-linear, with regen below zero "charge" a compressed scale compared to power used, the much longer curve from zero to the right around the partial circle.
    Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 7.01.29 PM.png
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  15. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone tried to use the windshield wiper fluid? I have tried a few times to get salt and grime off my windshield and every time it has worked terribly. It makes me wonder if something is being blocked. I get a bit of fluid but it seems to stay towards the bottom ens of the wiper blades so the missde of the windshield just gets the grime smeared around. Someone tell me theirs works fine so I know there is something wrong.
  16. barnesgj

    barnesgj Active Member

    I am getting water from the full length if the blade, but it's not a large amount. Since it's coming from the blade, doesn't seem to soak the windshield very well. Is wiped off too quickly to soften any real grunge.
  17. Reno_bk

    Reno_bk New Member

    I noticed the same thing... the spray pattern is awful, leaving most of the windshield dry. I like the idea, but not the execution.

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  18. Pushmi-Pullyu

    Pushmi-Pullyu Well-Known Member

    @jdonalds and everyone participating in this discussion:

    Thanks very much for the "info dump"!

    Looks like Honda has a solid hit on its hands, or at least it will if it produces the car in large numbers. It's great to see a PHEV that actually challenges the Volt for range, and does it in a car with a more spacious interior! The EV revolution needs more choices for car buyers, and this is a large step in the right direction.

    Go Honda!
  19. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    This is more what I was thinking about…

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  20. loomis2

    loomis2 Well-Known Member

    I want an average miles per kwh display, personally. I think most if not all pure electric vehicles have this, including the Clarity EV. My average in my Leaf is never great compared to some drivers (I think it hovers around 3.3-3.6, where some get it up to 4.3-4.5), but I would still like to see what it is when driving pure ev mode in my Clarity phev.
  21. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    Mine is working okay. Just pulling momentarily (like spritzing in a conventional system) does not work (not nearly enough fluid). I find if I pull and hold it until the motion starts (seems like a long time), then it works fine. It is definitely a different and odd system.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2018
  22. Tiralc

    Tiralc Active Member

    Oh, I see. That's an interesting display, nice! I think I agree with others, that I'd prefer mi/Wh, however I've never had one. Seems like it should be easy enough for Honda to add a page like that.

    Not the same, (not even close) but I did notice this evening that if you reset trip A, the Trip computer page (trip A tab on the top) resets too. So, we can look at small segments, even a mile or two, but it reads in mpg, so that would take a conversion to get battery usage.

    The only other thing is that funky Garmin eco graph which is probably not useful, but there might be something there indirectly?
  23. dstrauss

    dstrauss Well-Known Member

    If only I could input the kWh rate for my utility and current gasoline prices, I'd have an instantaneous MPG equivalent in real dollar cost.
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