Like to see Tesla provide full lifestyle de-carbonization service

Discussion in 'Tesla' started by 101101, Aug 4, 2018.

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  1. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    I imagine the process like this: You call or email Tesla after that the process runs until it is done with as few unwanted surprises as possible. You tell them what your goal are and your time frame and your price sensitivity and what your aesthetic preferences are and any job parameters and then Tesla comes and as efficiently and non-invasively as possible will help de-carbonize every aspects of your families life.

    Step 1. This would include some education and help with selecting say entities like the green century fund for retirement planning and selecting greener banks and education on this and help with the transition. And help finding proper carbon trackers in software, hopefully Tesla provides an excellent one. Even education on diet if the customer wants to go that far on cutting total personal carbon foot print.

    Step 2. Tesla helps you weatherize and insulate and make appropriate changes to windows and leaks in your hope helps set up the HVAC right including ERVs and Enthalpic wheels etc and proper returns, and air scrubbers, and helps change out gas powered central heating recommending the best products of Tesla products, then change out gas powered water heaters for electric instant heaters and change out gas powered ranges and change out gas powered electric driers. Also help set up a smart thermostat and active systems like attic fans to reduce strain on other systems. Also set up all the lines and boxes for proper electric appliances and proper recharger connections for EVs even including a charge plate.

    Step 3. Help with the acquisition of used or new EVs and put up proper solar panels or a solar roof.

    Step 4. Helps manage any BS that any fossil fuel utility or other entity tries (a kind of insurance) on fully painlessly cutting the cord. Helps you shut off gas and even remove lines etc.

    Step 5. Set up a system that helps the customer manage all of this at once and see the financial and carbon savings. System can help each person track their own carbon foot print. Like to see it possible to rank purchases on the carbon foot print in their bill of materials and see that with the help of these systems factor into the purchase and the carbon foot print tracking.

    I think this type of service should get the subsidies coming from removed fossil fuel subsidies.
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  3. bwilson4web

    bwilson4web Well-Known Member Subscriber

    Some assembly is required.

    Please do not assume others will complete your goals and objectives. The products are out there but you have to assume some responsibility for choosing what to use and when.

    I applaud your goals and improved posting essays. Just realize you'll have to do the step from requirements to objectives on your own. We, the community, can help but ultimately it is your 'gold' that has to act.

    Bob Wilson
  4. 101101

    101101 Well-Known Member

    Had a 60 amp AC fuse go last night in the house AC and there were no spares laying around last night and none in the local hardware stores. All the AC distributors were closed. In the morning I was talking to a local AC distributor and he mentioned that for a little more money it was possible to get a commercial AC for residential that would only take as much power as home refrigerator. This was in the context of going green. He said you'd need three phase power to get that efficiency. Reminded of the old green plugs and also again how this was another hidden grid subsidy to fossil fuel. So we pay 5x as much as we should for AC.

    This is were a AC system custom fit to batteries and solar would be perfect. You already get a small bit of insulation with the panels but its such a perfect match to begin with where the hotter it gets the power power the panels put out matching the peak need without necessarily having to tap the batteries during the day and there will possible be IR panels for hot nights in years to come. But think of what it would mean to have the AC properly designed to maximize the cost efficiency of the totally integrated green home system.

    This is where I was saying to the AC distributor it would seem to make so much sense to also sell panels and batteries because they should be a staple of the HVAC industry and that saw a study saying we would need 5x the world's electricity just to stay cool by 2050. Maybe it will be HVAC(E) or (E)HVAC for energy heating, ventilation, air conditioning.

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