Level 2 charger Fuse?

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by DelRider, Dec 5, 2019.

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  1. DelRider

    DelRider Member


    The Kona stopped charging through the 240v plug, still charges fine through the 110v plug and seems to run fine. The Golf-E charges fine through both. I've got an appoint. to drop it off Monday. In the mean time, does anyone know if there is a fuse for the level 2 charger? I've looked at a diagram of those in the cabin and in the engine, Charger 2 looks promising.



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  3. Is it possible one of the line legs is damaged or not making contact because of debris?

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  4. DelRider

    DelRider Member

    Good question. I tried 3 DC faster chargers on way home and got comms error on each. Also tried a nearby Level 2 charger I frequently use and it also threw a comms error. So you might be on to something. My wife tells me it stopped charging while it was on the charger (she disconnected and drove off in the morning when it is usually fully charged and saw it was half charged instead). This weekend I'll get a flash light out and look over the port(s). Good thing the 110v still works.

    Oh, and now at 9,000 miles I am getting a light whistle/squeal at 35-42 mph; sounds like left front. I'll keep and ear on that. Fun fun fun.


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