Let’s get the oil change interval bug fixed and here’s a poll and a link to do it

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by KentuckyKen, Aug 31, 2018.

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Are you going to make a ticket about the oil change interval problem?

  1. Yes, I’m going to do it now

    37 vote(s)
  2. Yes, I will do it soon

    17 vote(s)
  3. No, I don’t care to help my fellow Clarity owners/it’s not worth my time/don’t think it’s a problem

    3 vote(s)
  1. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    OK, many of us are getting the Maintenance Minder telling us to change our oil and filter when we have so few total months or HV miles on the gas engine that we know the oil is still good. It appears that this is a bug like the HV range in that it may be using total miles instead of HV miles. With very low HV miles we should be able to go 1 year between changes as Honda has bragged about in in their promotional material, but it ain’t happening for most of us.

    We got the HV range bug fixed by getting as many of us as possible to make a ticket and thus draw Honda’s attention to it. Honda then issued a Service Bulletin with a software update that fixed it.

    Let’s do the same thing with the oil change bug.
    So to make that easy, here is the link. It only takes a few minutes and hopefully will light another fire under Honda.


    Thanks, and please take the time to do this. I did and got a reply the next day. So it can make a difference as we proved with all the tickets getting Honda to address the HV range bug. Let’s get Honda to fix this with a Service Bulletin update just like the HV Range fix and the multiple warnings fix.
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  3. Viking79

    Viking79 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for getting this started. I will fill it out soon.
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  4. JackH

    JackH Member

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  5. Vezz66

    Vezz66 Member

    Did you send as a Product/Concern?
  6. That’s how I did it.

    I also complained that there is no engine hour meter, that seemed to be an oversight on a vehicle that doesn’t use a gas engine very often.
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  8. 83F6F4CB-CBFB-472F-BEAA-D52F2BE3E2AE.png
    I submitted a complaint about a week ago, this is the response...
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  9. David A

    David A Guest

    I hate to be the one to say it out loud...but that response from Honda is absolute nonsense. Hopefully Kentuckyken's mass complaint approach will yield different results but in our hearts of hearts we all know that is very unlikely.

    Love the car but already tired of Honda's BS with their software telling folks to "change oil every 6-8k routine". Honda knows this scare tactic will ensure vast majority of folks will dutifully run to the dealership for totally unnecessary oil changes plus whatever up-selling they can do...all under the guise of "I want to make sure the warranty is not voided". I take this stance for all the "normal" owners of this car who may or may not totally understand what is actually going on.

    There is also a high degree of probability the more shady dealerships will understand the PHEV...ie...not many miles are on the oil and just say they changed it...that is going to happen...more often than some folks want to admit.

    As for the oil change...I am going to change it at 5-6k true odometer reading...which MM will tell me to do anyway...then every 20k/1 year thereafter. In my case 20k equates to roughly 6500 miles on the ICE. That is the way the service manual should read for this car...6500k on ICE or 1 year...which ever comes first. Pretty simple really.

    In the very unlikely event a warranty issue comes up with the motor which is oil related before 36k...I guess it will be on then. Folks need to remember even at 36k on the odometer...if you run 50% EV...technically there is only 18k miles on the ICE. Honda is coming out way ahead on that deal as well.

    My stance on oil changes will only effect the lubrication of the motor...anything electrical or non-motor issues will still be covered under the full warranty since oil changes have absolutely nothing to do with those elements.

    Keep good records and stand your ground.
  10. KentuckyKen

    KentuckyKen Well-Known Member

    Yes. That seems the best fit.
    Let’s pour it on!!!
    The mass complaint approach helped get the HV Range fix so hopefully it will get this fixed as well because as we all know, going to the dealer with this is just a waste of time.
  11. Randy L

    Randy L New Member

    Okay, I've sent in a ticket with the following description:

    Clarity PHEV Maintenance Minder is scheduling oil changes approximately every 7,000 miles. It's currently showing A01 for the second time (at approx 14,000 miles). Considering I'm running the car on pure EV mode about 1/2 the time, this means I'm changing the oil approximately every 3,500 miles of ICE usage. This seems excessive. There should be a way for the car to know how many miles have been driven on ICE only and set the Maintenance Minder to reflect those (ICE) miles only. Otherwise, I am changing the oil too often.
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  13. Sandroad

    Sandroad Well-Known Member

    Poll needs one more category: I will do it as soon as I get a silly early MM from my car----too few miles yet. ;)
  14. ywallet

    ywallet New Member

    Submitted the product concern today, thanks for starting this!

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  15. bfd

    bfd Active Member

    We won't likely get one until one-year comes up in mid-December. Maybe not even then. LOL Might have to convince them to change the oil if it doesn't.

    Remember, no one is compelling you to take the car in. It's just an alert - but it probably comes with full nag-screen, so it's got your attention. There must be a way to reset the nag screen and ignore it.
  16. lanb

    lanb Active Member

    I think the concern is not the nag screen but that Honda can use "not changing oil at 6/7K" as an excuse to not honor any warranty issues remotely related to the ICE.

    If we get them to change the printed schedule and MM to 5K in ICE or maybe 10K total (assuming 50/50 usage)
    we can avoid shelling out money for unneeded oil changes.
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  17. I did my first A1 service today -- has the Clarity for 6 months, 7200 miles, used about 36 gallons of gasoline. I submitted the product/concern ticket. Thanks!
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  18. Jordan

    Jordan Member

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2018
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  19. weave

    weave Active Member

    That's the exact response I got to submitting a complaint about a charging fault CEL situation when using a public charger.
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  20. StickWare

    StickWare Active Member

    Yea.. I got 8800 miles, and mine has been reminding me since about 7500 miles. I probably have 5000-6000 gas miles, but now that I have 240V installed in my garage, I won't be needing gas much, so I'll probably go until about 10K.
  21. StickWare

    StickWare Active Member

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  22. Steven B

    Steven B Active Member

    Case created. Here's my text:

    Maintenance Minder for engine oil change is incorrectly based on total mileage rather than hybrid vehicle mileage (with engine running). Honda is requiring owners to replace the engine oil well short of one year in cases where a large percentage of the miles have been on electric and less than 100 gallons of gasoline consumed.
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  23. Emanuel Green

    Emanuel Green Member

    Same here. I feel as though I don't have appropriate standing to file a complaint until I actually get an early message.

    So far, I've filled up the gas twice in the 4,000+ miles I've had the car (and I don't have any long trips planned), so if I get a message at 7k miles, that'll still be less than 1,000 gas miles on the engine!
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