Left paddle when cruise control enabled

Discussion in 'Kia Niro' started by BillX, Nov 1, 2021.

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  1. BillX

    BillX New Member

    On my Bolt, pressing the paddle disengaged cruise control, just as stepping on the brake would. On my new 22 Niro EV the paddle is disabled when cc is on. Seems like a curious decision...I wonder why they chose to do that. It surprised me the first time I pressed in that state and the car did not slow down
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  3. 3XG

    3XG New Member

    Good question. Not having owned a Bolt or any other car with regen paddles, I never knew that was an option so I haven't missed it... until now! :)

    I often use the "Cancel" button on the steering wheel when I want to stop cruise control in the most smooth way possible. For me the car can jerk a little when canceling CC with the brake pedal, unless I am very deliberately light with the pedal.
  4. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith Guest

    I wish that the cruise would use the level of regen you have set instead of setting the pedal to level 0. It's hard sometimes to have a smooth transition from cruise to getting the accelerator pedal to the proper level when cancelling. jerk jerk!
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  5. Thurbeb

    Thurbeb New Member

    Have you tried using the auto Regen setting?
    Hold the right paddle to set it to Auto.
    Then it will manage itself based on cars ahead of you
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  6. when cruise comes off, car reverts back to regeneration, so if you are in Eco, you revert back to level 2
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