Leasing Clarity PHEV in NY and NJ

Discussion in 'Clarity' started by George C, Apr 22, 2018.

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  1. George C

    George C New Member

    i'm in NY right now but i will be moving to NJ before i get the Clarity

    like most people i am thinking of leasing versus buying and i heard there is a $6,500 lease cash for the Clarity in both NY and NJ directly from Honda ?

    so how does that work ?

    does that mean i negotiate a lease rate with a dealer and then i get a $6,500 check from Honda ? that would be sweet. but is that really how it works ?

    also what do you think i can get for the Touring with zero down ?

    i went to a dealer in long island and he told me something like $600 / month but i talked him down to $399 in a matter of maybe 5 minutes however i had no intention of getting the car just yet - i just wanted to see what price he will offer.

    according to some of the math i been doing though it should still go lower than that, to maybe $350 / month ( with taxes and fees up front ).

    if i can get it for $350 / month and then get $6,500 lease cash that would put the overall cost at $170 / month which is what Camry was last year just before it was replaced with 2018 model ...

    but is this how it works though ?

    PS: by the way i test drove the Clarity PHEV Touring back to back with Volt 2nd Gen and Prius Prime ( and i'm currently driving a 2018 Camry Hybrid XLE ) and i would say the Clarity is slightly better ( quieter ) than Camry and much better than either Volt ( more comfortable ) or Prius ( less buzzy and wobbly ). Clarity is easily my favorite plug in.

    However i'm not desperate to get a plug-in car if i can't get it in the same price range ( monthly expense ) as Accord Hybrid, which is my 2nd choice after the Clarity. This would depend on that Lease Cash or other incentives ...
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  3. megreyhair

    megreyhair Active Member

    You should get it in NY before moving to NJ. NY has no sale tax on certain zero or PHEV and I think Clarity is on the list. There is no such incentive for NJ

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