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Discussion in 'LEAF' started by Astros, Sep 27, 2018.

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  1. Astros

    Astros New Member

    This looks like an interesting option for older Leafs:


    From a facebook post, John Bysigner claimed that "Yes there will be thermal management, the charging experience will be identical to the stock pack. As for capacity we can deliver 30kWh with our design, but need to validate compatibility with 24kWh cars. At a minimum you can expect identical capacity to stock."

    If an older Leaf could get a 30kWh pack with thermal management, that would be a huge improvement! And while he claimed that the "charging experience will be identical", if it has thermal management it seems likely that multiple quick charges on a road trip might all be able to get close to 50kW. On the other hand, you are stuck paying a monthly fee for the battery, which sounds like it's in the $100-$200/month range.
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  3. LEAF 380

    LEAF 380 New Member

    I have pre-ordered this new Fenix Power Battery for my 2013 Nissan LEAF. I've been told my install should be end of 2019.

    For more info and content I have made a website chronicling this process. (not sure if i can post a url here?) Search google for LEAF 380 or LEAF380 dot com,

    LEAF 380 ;)

  4. John Bysinger

    John Bysinger New Member

    Hello Astros! I am the same John Bysinger that you quoted, CEO of Fenix. I would like to clarify a bit about what I said, and your comment related to it.

    What I meant by validating 30kWh in a 24kWh car wasn't intended to say we're only making a 30kWh pack. When we launch we will have both 24 and 30kWh solutions covering any first-generation Leaf. What we're performing testing on is related to installing a different capacity than the car came with from the factory. Our design has a modular architecture allowing an owner to adjust the capacity to their needs and their budget. There are some technical complications related to getting the Leaf's on-board systems to function properly with a non-stock battery capacity, and that is where our validation is focused. When we begin installations, we will start with packs that are identical to the stock configuration of the Leaf. Once we validate that the car will behave properly with our systems, we will then offer customers the ability to select more or even less modules than the limiting 24 and 30kWh capacities. We are targeting the high end of that range to be around 40kWh, and we have had some customers interested in 20 or less kWh.

    And to clarify our pricing, at launch our service will be around $3/kWh/month. So a larger capacity will cost more, and smaller, will cost less. The average customer will pay less than $99 per month.

    I'm happy to answer other questions you or others may have, thanks for your interest!

    -John Bysinger
    Founder & CEO of Fenix Power
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  5. Kenneth Bokor

    Kenneth Bokor Active Member

    Thanks John, that is great clarity and hope you all the best with this endeavour! Be great to keep older Leafs going and on the road since the EVs generally keep together longer.
  6. Jerr P Concha

    Jerr P Concha New Member

    I gave Fenix a $150 deposit in December 2018, guarunteed refundable. After many delays in installation date from Fenix I requested my deposit back. All emails have been ignored. I sent a registered letter Fenix received on October 28, to no response. Many emails have been sent to their mailing list apologizing for slow response to refund requests, but NO RESPONSE AND NO REFUND as of 11/12/2020. upload_2020-11-12_6-36-26.png
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  8. LEAF 380

    LEAF 380 New Member

    I’ve removed them from my website.

    They don’t reply any longer.

    Here’s a website I created with a global directory of suppliers and installers.

    The Google Map on the site has been viewed 225,000 times in the past 9 weeks.

    Fenix also has $150 of my money.


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