Late Summer AWD Reservations Updates

Discussion in 'ID.4' started by CashMoney, Nov 1, 2021.

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  1. CashMoney

    CashMoney New Member

    I made my ID.4 Pro S reservation on 7/27/21. Has anyone else ordered during late summer and been prompted to lock-in? Open enrollment for my company is soon and I'm hoping that I can make use of the free parking pass offered or if I should use a different transportation benefit.

    Any useful info that can help me guestimate the wait would be appreciated.
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  3. Paula Dyas

    Paula Dyas New Member

    Are you reserving AWD or RWD? I put in reservation for AWD Pro S on 10/3 and locked in the order on 10/14; now waiting for step 4 out of 7, when it leaves the factory. VW estimates delivery in Jan-Feb of 2022. Others who ordered AWD are starting to see things move forward and VW estimates of delivery dates don’t seem to be to far off thus far.
  4. CashMoney

    CashMoney New Member

    I reserved with the AWD option and I’ve been met with radio silence. I don’t understand why I haven’t received an update in nearly 4 months.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2021
  5. Paula Dyas

    Paula Dyas New Member

    Have you checked with your dealer and the portal to assure yourself that your reservation is still active? VW communication is certainly not stellar, I have received one email since my order lock on 10/14 and it was a generic email over how to charge the ID4.
  6. CashMoney

    CashMoney New Member

    I check the portal at least once a week as I heard updates appear there. I'll check with the dealership but I'm at step one so idk how helpful they'll be. I also check my spam folder regularly as I heard communication goes there.
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  8. Impatient

    Impatient New Member

    After 6 months of slipping schedules, I got the "leaving the factory" notice for my AWD Pro S 12/1/2021. On the same day, a number of others got notified that their car will be a 2022 model. 2022's have a price increase (offset by an early-reservation credit), more range, a hold-position feature. No indication if they will come from Germany or US, but I'd guess the latter, with several months added to build dates. If they continue to ship 2022's from Germany, assembly may happen sooner. Unfortunately, west coast import delivery logistics seem to be taking close to 3 months, so I'll presumably be missing the 2021 tax credit, 2022 instead.

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