Last 19 months Musk is A+++!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by 101101, Aug 31, 2018.

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    Original Model 3 launch is on time and on schedule but the accelerated launch in response to radically unprecedented demand blew up on the pad in July 2017. And of course something like that led to some turn over. It was a crisis but Musk destroyed the petrol opposition on this in many crucial ways over the interim. And note as of today we are where we should have been according to the previous insane schedule a year ago- but if not for schedule where would we be today? But very seriously the rocket is leaving the pad right now and on schedule with the master plan and living up to Musk's insistence on being quicker to survive.

    He kept the value of the stock up over the period of the crisis while working to overcome the damage- its how you respond to adversity. Crucially he often kept the stocks value above "fail convincingly GM," kept it above GM with GM's ridiculous 94 billion in debt and Forbes acknowledged structural bankruptcy. In a way not surprising geriatric recently moribund GM has been in decline for 50 years. He showed GM's product wasn't viable (note Bolt sales- Bolt was a BS fail convincingly compliance product) also destroyed the the narrative that competition would be the end of Tesla. He also kept the attention on Tesla without out paying the evil sponsored media (the one that is destroying our society by enabling sponsored politicians and captured sponsored law or law as crime,) look at Google Trends and note what happened with the Roadster Launch- it was as big as the Model 3 launch itself and the Tesla Surf board. Even his negative media helped keep the attention going- not paying sponsored media ever is a huge plus for society and a huge cost savings. He also exposed an oil exec short, an actual saboteur and properly punked some prostitute phony analysts that work for firms that will go under based on their petrol derivatives if Tesla succeeds- kept them from asking the stupid questions. Even on the pissed off anti Tesla diver- seems Musk is right as bar to suit in US tort at least would be truth.
    So hilarious dealers and sponsored media whining about word of mouth sales approaches. Sponsored media hates him because his twitter use bypasses their censorship filter. They think if someone wants to speak, especially if they want to tell the truth they have to be paid a huge premium for the displaced lies- wheres as they actually need to be eliminated because they are a propaganda system standing in the way of a functioning media or something even better which we can have now with semantic un-sponsored search.

    He also with months of warning, warned of short burn of the century and pushed the stock to a record high momentarily, a goal against whatever the stupid short strategy had to be a magic line, knocking them to the mat and causing financial damage for their petro fueled lies also causing a loss of face for these fools as these liars went hilariously crying to regulators like self-loathing conservatives do- only the beginning of these losers crying to regulators to uphold their attempts to undermine public interest to support elitism greed and crime. And showed that Saudis and VW were interested which destroys a lot of the fool skeptic narratives. Saudis did buy a chunk. As of course so did Tencent. He also punched the pos media in the nose- really, really hoping he carries out pravdah- its time to end their money for lies model of existence as its destroying our society- key to getting money out of politics which started in early 1970s under Nixon and ramped up under Regan.

    Toward the end of the period Tesla showed a remedy for auto pilot woes in the new chip- reminding of the firms roots in the valley despite mopping the floor with the car industry. Think about BMW and its prospects- they suck. Also look at the Munro work- and suit and what looks like it may be whining about: we paid you to lie and spread FUD kind of expectation but you let us down with integrity preventing our expected FUD.
    And look at what is happening with Model 3 Performance, BMW 6, 5, 4, and top 3 series are going to be destroyed it is already happening- BMW with holding its non competitive new M3 on the ground the spastically hilarious grounds of its own diesel gate when it really just afraid of performance comparisons to the M3P. He did all of this in the middle of the Trump admin trying to destroy solar and creating tariffs to further subsidize the terrorist petrol industry at the expense of America green energy- natural gas is already dead it will never ever be economically competitive- never was without subsidies but now can't even compete with maximum subsidies against unsubsidized green and despite the Trump admin bs. So yes the gun jammed but these people rested on their laurels as expected, they have no vision and no path forward, and Tesla will start beating them on the track too the way it did with acceleration. Oh look the Model Y China plant is moving forward. All the while Space X and Boring and others moving forward like clock-work. There is no one else in any fortune 1000 that could have done this.

    Also kept the petrol captured union out. Very pro union but transparent is transparent- working people and petrol have nothing in common- petrol is a rent seeking terrorist parasite that has been destroying most Americans standard of living and quality of life especially blue collar people's lives for 50 years. Later Musk can let the employees take the firm private and divest the board and management and eliminate the board or make sure it is composed of only former or current employees and could still bring in a union like Mondragon did with USX but let us not have any delusions about where the UAW is at and how it has been bowing to petrol flavored wage slavery since about 1978- oh yeah more natural gas jobs you have to smoking crack!

    Lets also note the suits dismissed over the accelerated launch delay- and that is because the effort was super human and real. Same with the Ontario target Tesla cancellation of the incentives by the moronic government that was some how selected against the public interest. Not the thunderous margin with which Tesla investors slapped down the latest shill initiative by the fools at ISS and Black Rock- its like your lies are now good here- same as your money.

    Mr. Buffet's recent comments need to be put in context here too. Look what he did in Nevada with solar- he may be not be a Koch brother but he seems to act like one when the chips are down. Munster says Apple could lend a hand but Buffet steps in to say it is not a good idea- remember the scam he helped pulled in Nevada to save his interest in the natural gas scam industry- someone doesn't want another derivatives bubble collapse. The personal fortunes behind petrol need to absorb the full cost of the next bubble, seize their Cayman's accounts etc.- Buffet needs to begin divesting all of his petrol assets. I don't see anything on the horizon for Apple (Cook is creating a one trick pony Apple,) so expect the tables will turn, not long before Tesla will be able to buy Apple and Amazon at this rate.

    I kind of wonder if BMW is trying to hide behind the Trump stuff too, its weird Trump targeting German Luxury cars (know he's trying to get Germany to back off green so could be leverage) but have to know BMW was facing country wide injunctions globally over burning/exploding cars but BMW appears to have run a campaign against Tesla on firey car and declining quality issue to deflect- did that play in or was it petrol head BMW asking the T admin for some cover over the thrashing its starting to take in sales? The new M3 is electric and its made by Tesla (not BMW) and its called the M3P. Good thing Ford kept model E who want the ME or Wii? S3XY or S(Tesla 3 bars as E) XY.
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