[KONA EV] Fire Again in korea. 2021-Jun-23

Discussion in 'Hyundai Kona Electric' started by kennykim, Jun 23, 2021.

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  1. kennykim

    kennykim New Member


    Last year, the fire accident of Hyundai Motor's Kona EV (electric vehicle), which caused a big stir in society, occurred again. This happened while Hyundai Motor Company and LG Energy Solutions, a battery maker, were carrying out a recall (corrective action) at a combined cost of 1.4 trillion won. While related companies are engulfed in embarrassment, there is concern that the old stability problem of domestic batteries will be raised again.
    According to the fire department, police and related industries on the 23rd, a fire broke out in a Kona EV parked in a pension near a beach in Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do on the 18th. At 9:39 a.m. that day, the first report was received at the Boryeong Fire Station, and the fire was extinguished after all vehicles were burned. The fire that day coincided with a normal high-voltage battery fire. The fire started where the battery under the vehicle was located, and firefighters are said to have had a hard time putting out the flames. In the photo of the fire scene, you can see the Kona EV vehicle that was burnt down and covered in white smoke.

    A Hyundai Motor official said, "The Korea Transportation Safety Authority Automobile Research Institute (KATRI), Hyundai Motor Company, and battery manufacturers are investigating the cause of the fire together."


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  3. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    What does "parked in a pension" mean? A misprint, or is it a specific kind of parking space?
  4. ericy

    ericy Well-Known Member

    Oh, no, not again.

    The full story had more details. There are questions as to whether the battery in this car was SK or LG.

    I believe a "pension" is a sort of guest house or boarding house. It is only in the story because the car was parked in front of one of these.
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  5. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    Thanks! I was wondering if the car was at a charger at the time and if "pension" was significant to that.
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  8. That photo of the car supposedly being lifted into a container of water looks as though it was doctored, at least to me. Some white around the front tire, and the scale looks off too. I wonder if they heard this story but did not actually have a photo so they made it up. Makes me wonder, although the other photos look legit.
  9. doggyworld

    doggyworld Active Member

    Looks fine to me... Post processing can do that to photos to highlight certain areas of photos. I've done it to some photos for effect too. :)
  10. If these Kona carbeques keep happening, I am worried the firefighters will start bringing hot dogs instead of hoses:rolleyes:
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  11. Wow, I can't believe the software patches and limiting of range didn't fix the problem...(sarcasm off).
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  13. Thanks for sharing this. I wrote up a post for this one and the one in Norway on Monday.
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  14. Definitely looking like the Kona Electric is not reliable, seems following trend of many problems of Hyundai's ICE vehicles, many recalls on engines etc.




  15. I almost cried laughing reading the humorous closing line, "keeping an eye open for any future flamb├ęs":D
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  16. Ginginova

    Ginginova Active Member

    All electric Konas have open different recalls. Some only for firmware updates, some also for battery replacements.
    And we do not know if those newly burnt Konas had those recalls preformed.
    More time is needed to get proper forensics done on those.

    Some of fires could also be non-battery related.
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  17. I heard this handy accessory (carbeque) will soon be available from Hyundai:
    Fits into existing Kona EVs and newer models:D
  18. Jimct

    Jimct Active Member

    Ha. It's funny up to now.....:rolleyes:
  19. kennykim

    kennykim New Member

  20. ForceEdge

    ForceEdge Member

    Wait so this fire happened even with the new updated battery? Or this is yet to be determined?

    if so, really puts me off on buying a KONA. Thought they supposedly fixed the issues with the 2020 year and beyond right?
  21. doggyworld

    doggyworld Active Member

    I don't think we know the cause of the fire yet.

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